Are You Car Clueless? Can Help!

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of I tend to think I know a little about everything, but I'm what I affectionately call "car clueless". I mean, I know how to drive. I can put gas in. I can check the oil though changing it would be a different story. I conceptually understand how to change a tire, but that's where my knowledge on automobiles fizzles out. Luckily, I have a husband, Dad, and brothers that I can turn to when I need help, but sometimes a girl just wants to do things on her own. Richard and I are planning on purchasing a car next year. We have an older van that Jake has been eyeing for a long time. Why would a 21 year old want a van? Well, because there are no middle seats and he's a drummer. Plenty of room for his gear. Anyway, Richard and I can always hit up the local dealerships, but I thought it would best to put in a little research. I navigated my way over to to see what a "car clueless" person such as myself could figure out. Right … [Read more...]