Top Three Vacation Ideas for the Holiday Season

Going on vacation over the holiday season can be a stressful experience, even if you are the most zen-like of individuals. Long hours in the car, delays at the airport and even lost luggage can wreck your vacation plans before you have even starting relaxing. So why not explore different holiday options this festive season? In fact, you don’t even need to go abroad to have a relaxing and different kind of break with your family and loved ones. Here in the US, there are miles of national parks, cute small towns and sites of history that are just waiting for you to explore and enjoy – even when the weather gets colder. So don’t splash out on a package tour or cruise, when there’s hours of fun to be had much nearer to home. There’s nothing more romantic than exploring the seaside or enjoying some retail therapy and the Christmas holiday lights in one of the country’s larger cities. Even if you are more of a sun chaser, don’t despair, head to California or one of the southern states to … [Read more...]

Where to Go on Vacation – The Top Destinations in the World

Where to go on Vacation – The Top Destinations in the World   It is that time again when you and your family are trying to decide where to go on vacation this year. It is usually the point when everyone has a different idea of where they want to go. With the whole world to choose from, how can you begin to decide what place is the best? Depending on your preference and that of your family, you might want to lay in the sun and relax the whole holiday, or you might want an adventure and see things you haven’t witnessed before. With this list, you can choose from some of the best destinations in the world. Chile Chile may not be everyone’s first choice for a holiday. However, there are many things that this country has to offer the wise traveler. The country is 2,650-miles long, but never more than 150-miles wide. That means you can easily make a trip down the country and take in all the sights along the way. As well as having 36 national parks, it also has some of the most … [Read more...]