Everything You Need to Do Before You Rent Your Property Out

Whether you’re off on a trip around the world, buying a new house, or simply just want a bit more income, renting out a property is a helpful way to keep the security of owning your own place, without the financial drain. However, if you’ve never let your property out before, it can be quite daunting: there’s a lot of boxes to tick and people to talk to. Plus, you need to know how to find your tenants and decide how much is fair to charge. There’s a lot to do before you rent your property out, but don’t let it put you off. When it’s broken down, it isn’t as hard as it sounds. Follow the checklist below, and you’ll find the whole process to be a breeze. Understand the process Firstly, you need to know how it all works. You need to understand what happens from the moment you speak to a real estate agent, to the minute your new tenants take the keys. Plus, you also need to know your rights and your responsibilities as a landlord, and how this investment and extra income will affect … [Read more...]