Parents Put Their Child in a Washing Machine – WTH?

Warning: This video is disturbing! Oh this makes my blood boil! I don't know why I watch these videos because I know I'll be so incredibly angry after I do. This was no accident, the man intentionally put his child in an industrial size washing machine! There are no reasons in the world to put your child in a situation of such danger. This is completely unacceptable and I hope these parents are prosecuted and this child is removed from their custody (along with any other children they might have). I mean, what the hell could they possibly have been thinking? The child suffered minor injuries and is "safe". I don't think that child is anywhere near safe with parents like those. I see people drive by my house all the time with children bouncing around in the car, no car or booster seats. Or packed in like sardines. It makes me so ridiculously upset. I would do almost anything to have a child of my own and these people treat theirs like they are dispensable. … [Read more...]