How to Perfect the Emo Look

When it comes to trendy hairstyles for teens and young women, few looks have been able to hit such heights as the popular Emo look. The look really hit a fevered pitch with the emergence of the rock scene, but it has managed to morph and really stay relevant even today. Where it used to be that you had to dye your hair jet black to create the Emo look, today, the trend has become more flexible and versatile. This makes the style more attainable and wearable for women. If you’re looking to create that perfect Emo look with your hairstyle, then here are some tips you can use. Opt for Edgy and Cute All at the Same Time When it comes to the best Emo hairstyle, you want to blend a cute and trendy look with something that had an edginess to it. The most classic look is to ensure there are bangs and plenty of choppy fringe around the face. Jet black is also the most classic color to opt for, but today you don't have to feel you are forced to only choose black. Pretty much any color works … [Read more...]