How to Make Money on Your Old Gadgets

How to Make Money on Your Old Gadgets We can often accumulate a variety of old gadgets over the years, which we hide in closets and drawers. Yet, all those unused devices could help you top up your bank balance. Rather than storing them away to gather dust, find out how to make money on your old gadgets. Wipe the Data Before you put the gadgets up for sale, the first thing you must do is effectively wipe the data from the device. This is essential if you are selling a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, as they will often retain your personal details in the hard drive, which could fall into the wrong hands. Even if you have hit delete and emptied the Recycling Bin, you must wipe the hard drive. We, therefore, recommend taking the gadget to a Secure Data Recovery center for assistance. Identify a Device’s Worth Different devices will be worth different amounts, and the price you receive will be determined by its depreciation value and the condition of the gadget. For … [Read more...]