What is Clinical Negligence?

The term ‘Clinical Negligence’ is often and far more widely known as ‘Medical Negligence or Malpractice.’ The term refers to the breach of medical practice standards, which result in a patient being harmed in any way, shape, or form. The breach of legal duty or care by a medical practitioner is an extremely serious offence and is not taken lightly, especially not in the UK. However, with this being said, the court and medical negligence solicitors may successfully extract a level of compensation, more often than not at an adequate level, to your injury or trauma. But they cannot make a medical practice, hospital, or clinic alter its standards of practice in any way, they cannot make a medical practitioner apologise or show any remorse if that is not the intent, and they can also not improve any standard of medical practice at all. Clinical negligence is dealt with by solicitors such as The Medical Negligence Experts, who like many other companies offer services on a no win no fee … [Read more...]