Verizon fires pregnant employee: Can companies penalize women during pregnancy?

Plenty of layoffs at the major IT company, Verizon, is happening more and more and these layoffs are angering people. And a nasty case where a pregnant woman was terminated has been enraging many people. The case against Verizon. This happened in Hyderabad, India and no one can believe how the company can be so heartless to the point of laying off a woman who is in her third month of pregnancy. A woman, in the third month of her pregnancy, was laid off by Verizon even though she begged them to not lay her off due to the fact that she is pregnant and needs to be financially secure to support the child. This woman was a software tester at Verizon, and the company's HR had demanded her to resign. The woman is understandably scared and upset, and even said while the HR personnel and Delivery Head were having a meeting with her about it privately- they did not care, and were just very unconcerned even though she is pregnant and will need to support her child in several months. The … [Read more...]

Four Tips on Making a Career Change to Nursing

Successfully getting through a career transition can be a tricky process, especially if you are changing careers to work in a position that’s totally different from the job that you have been doing for the last few years or even decades. There are many reasons why you might be considering changing careers to become a nurse – maybe you’re worried about the future prospects of your current career path, or you have simply decided that nursing is your calling in life and the job that you are meant to do. We’ve put together some top tips to help you successfully navigate your nursing career change. Tip #1. Think Ahead: Chances are that you will have your work cut out for you before you can begin working professionally as a nurse. If you have already gotten a degree in a healthcare related subject then you may be at an advantage, however, in most cases, prospective nurses will need to complete some college education to become a registered nurse (RN). Once this is complete, it’s good to … [Read more...]

Looking for a Career Change? Social Work Could Be the Right Path for You

When you first choose a career in life, it’s often based on your interests, goals, and even lifestyle at that moment in time. Over the years, it’s only natural that each of those areas goes through changes, which can leave you feeling bored, unfulfilled, and just under-appreciated in your current career. If you think you’re ready for a career change, social work could be a path well worth considering. This particular field can be extremely rewarding and provides new and unique challenges each and every day. Here’s a look at what makes social work so interesting and why it could be right for you. What is a Social Worker? Before you decide this is the right path to take, it’s important to understand what a social worker is and what their job entails. Social workers work with clients, who can be organizations, communities, families, and/or individuals, and they help their client work on various challenges they are facing. A social worker is responsible for performing an assessment, … [Read more...]

What Does a Career in Nursing Have to Offer?

Not everyone is a budding Florence Nightingale and well suited to the nursing field. It takes several different disciplines to be a good nurse, including medical knowledge, good bedside manner, the ability to handle stressful situations, as well as not being squeamish at the sight of blood and having a predisposition to empathize with your patients. Let’s look at how a career in nursing can benefit you. A Chance to Care for Others Sitting at an office desk from 9-5 isn’t something that suits everyone. A few of us prefer to be on our feet moving around, talking to people and taking care of them. A more active, involved vocation is preferable to some people. If you’re a “people person” then that certainly helps, as stern looking nurses don’t inspire much confidence or an expectation of warmth from a sickly patient. For people who like to care for others and find themselves taking that role on naturally in their personal life, then working as a nurse is likely to be extremely … [Read more...]