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Thank you for your interest in Rowell Reviews. I started Rowell Reviews as a place to share anything and everything. From my opinions on products to my thoughts on the latest chick flick, I include a variety of subjects.

Quick statistics:

  • 1 child, 22 (male)
  • 2 dogs, 3 cats
  • Lives in Northeastern Iowa
  • 39 years old, married

Quick statistics for website:

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  • Professional blogger for 6 years
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Rowell Reviews has something to fit everybody’s advertising needs, the following options are available. And as always, I’m open to new ideas. Feel free to contact me with your proposal.


Rowell Reviews can effectively advertise your product, press release, or contest. I offer to write original content articles showcasing your product or service, including text links that are helpful with search engines. Posts written by you can also be shared upon approval. Please contact me for current rates.

Banner, Button and Text Ads:

Please contact me for current rates.

Product Reviews:

Rowell Reviews loves reviewing products especially items that make life easier, tastier or more fun.  If you choose Rowell Reviews to review your product or service, be assured that product will be TESTED. I will use it, play with it, poke it, drop it, eat it, smell it, rinse and repeat. This process can take 2-4 weeks depending on the exact product. At the end of the testing process, I will write a review that is 100% honest in nature. Readers will get the pros and cons of each product. I require a non-returnable, full size sample of each product so it can be thoroughly tested.


I love hosting giveaways and offer them free of charge with any product review. There is a fee for giveaways hosted without a review. Giveaways run two weeks unless specified and all prize fulfillment needs to be handled by you.

Brand Ambassadorship:

Customizable per campaign. Email me for more details.

Please contact me at for any of the above options. I look forward to working with you towards success in 2018.