Freezy Pups Dog Treats Review

I love giving Asia and Harley treats, especially ice cubes. They love to chase them around and of course chew on them and leave little pieces all over the floor. I generally have to follow them around with a towel when we give them ice cubes to munch on. I came across a product called Freezy Pups and I was intrigued. It’s an ice cube tray (in the shape of dog bones) that you can make your own dog friendly, flavored frozen treats in. I don’t know about you, but here in Iowa the summer has been ridiculously hot and dry. We’ve had so many days in the upper 90s and 100s and very little rain. Trying to stay cool has been a priority for me and my animals. I thought Freezy Pups would be the perfect treat and a unique way to help keep Asia and Harley cool. The ice cube tray comes with four different flavored packets, each good for a tray full of treats. It’s super easy to make, you just add 7 ounces of hot water to the packet and mix thoroughly. Pour the liquid evenly over the tray … [Read more...]

PetSmart’s Toys “R” US Toys Review

Asia and Harley are tough on their toys. They're tough on everything actually. They can easily destroy any toy given to them within a short while if they set their minds to it. Due to this, they are only given their toys to play with under supervision. PetSmart has teamed up with Toys R Us for a cute line of pet toys. I was sent an assortment of toys for Asia and Harley to play with. I was very worried at first because they mostly sounded like plush toys and my dogs tend to shred anything that's soft and cuddly or anything that squeaks. I kept in mind that they were gentler toys and made sure I watched them closely as we played fetch. One of their favorite toys of the collection to play with is the Wacky Water Bottle Cruncher. It's a toy that has a crunchy water bottle body. My dogs love to chew up water bottles. I even put them in the freezer so they have something cold to lick and chew on.  They had fun chasing after this toy and chewing and crunching on it. They both … [Read more...]

BestFriendBox Review – Gourmet Treats & Pet Products

Have I mentioned I spoil all five of my animals? I have? Oh, well...I mean it. Animals are very dear to me and when I take one into my house and heart, it is forever. I love finding treats and toys to give them. BestFriendBox is an awesome company I recently learned of and I was so excited to work with them on a review. BestFriendBox is subscription service that hand picks all natural treats, grooming supplies, toys, and gear. They pack four or more items into the box and deliver it to you the last week of every month. It's like getting a surprise box of presents to share with your pet. I received two BestFriendBoxes, one geared toward dogs and one geared towards cats. The dog box included some treats, a stuffed bunny, some chewies and other items. Asia turned her nose up at the treats, which is a first, but Harley liked them. They had the bunny shredded within minutes, it's definitely better for smaller dogs or ones that don't play tug o' war with everything.  Of course, they … [Read more...]

NeaterFeeder Review – Your Pets Less Messy

My three cats are very spoiled and entitled and don't hesitate to make me aware of their presence. Brutus used to sit on top of the fridge and dip his paws in his water. Whenever I walked by, he would shake his paws at me. He seemed to find this especially amusing. I had their food and water on a dresser in the bathroom, but when we had the water pipe damage, the dresser was ruined.  We replaced it with an antique stand and basin, but there was no room to put their food and water. I decided to move it to the basement on top of an old fashioned stove that was left there by previous owners. I just had two simple dishes and inevitably they would make a complete mess on the stove. Their water would be splashed everywhere and their food in bits here and there. I recently had the opportunity to review the NeaterFeeder Mess Proof pet feeder. They actually make one designed for cats, but because I have three, I opted to get the small NeaterFeeder because it has deeper stainless steel … [Read more...]

LG Potter Personalized Pet Bowl Review

My cat, Brutus just turned 10 years old on April 27th. In August we have been together for a decade. I remember the day I got him. My ex-boyfriend and my brother picked him up from a farm. My ex had always wanted a grey cat with blue eyes. I just wanted a cat, I wasn't particular. They came back with this little grey furball, he didn't have blue eyes, but I didn't care. My brother was so excited because the kitten sat on his lap the whole ride. Brutus has been an interesting cat from the day I met him. I would go to work and when I got back, I could look in the window and he would be hanging there on the screen. I'm pretty sure he wanted the first thing I saw to be him. He loved sitting on my shoulders, he would race up my legs (yes, it hurt tremendously!) to get up there. I moved into a place where the only way I could keep him was to have his front claws removed. I regret that to this day, but I couldn't get rid of him for anything. I recently had the opportunity to review a … [Read more...]