Labor Day Released on DVD 4/29/14

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a gift card/money/coupon and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. All opinions expressed are those of the reviewer and honest in nature. Based upon the novel written by Joyce Maynard, Labor Day was released on dvd April 29, 2014. I was sent an awesome Labor Day package including the book, movie, and a peach pie kit. The pie kit included a gorgeous pie pan, a pie dough blender, pie server, filling and crust mix, and the Labor Day peach pie recipe. Also included were coffee mugs, an ice cream scoop. I have to be honest, I haven't seen it yet! I invited my sister over to watch it with me, but she's been very busy. I don't think I could even bribe Richard and Jake to watch it, so I'm waiting on Dani. Hopefully, we'll be able to watch it soon. Even though I haven't seen it yet, I can guess as I'm sure you have, that peach pie plays an important role in the movie. When I find out when Dani can come over, I … [Read more...]

Premium Rush – Reel Reviews

Title: Premium Rush DVD Release: December 21, 2012 Rated: PG-13 Genre: Action, Thriller Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and some other people that I didn't recognize. Plot: Wilee is a bike messenger in New York City that takes his job to the extreme. He rides a bike with no gears and no brakes, calculating each move carefully to avoid accidents and deliver his packages as fast as possible. Within minutes of picking up his latest delivery, Wilee is pursued by a man intent on taking the item from him. The story unfolds moving the clock back and forth to show perspectives from each of the main characters. My thoughts (may include spoilers): I didn't have any specific expectations about this movie, I remember I saw the trailer awhile back and thought it looked decent. The package ends up being a form of currency, like a bank note, that a woman needs to bring her son to the United States from China. A crooked cop is bent on intercepting the package and using it to pay … [Read more...]

Gone – Reel Reviews

Admit it, you saw Amanda Seyfried in Mean Girls and laughed at her. Did you take her seriously as an actress? I didn't. That being said she has since changed my mind. I don't usually like sappy, girly chick flicks but I did like Dear John. Partly because Channing Tatum is in it, but also because Amanda Seyfried is becoming a solid actress. For movies to get and keep my attention, the main actors have to make me forget that they are just that. Actors playing a role. I need to be drawn in and feel something, anything about the character. I like watching movies about crazy people, whether funny or darkly serious or a combination of both. I rented Gone, released on DVD on May 29, 2012. Amanda Seyfried plays Jill who returns to her house after working the night shift and realizes her sister is missing. Jill was abducted from her room two years ago and she's instantly convinced that the man who kidnapped her has returned. Jill believes that he came back for her and when she wasn't there, … [Read more...]

The Woman in Black – Reel Reviews

Want to know a secret? I'm a big ol' sissy. I scare pretty easily and avoided scary movies for the longest time. I started watching them again a few years ago and now they are some of my favorite movies. I hide my face at the scary parts, usually beneath the blanket or behind my fingers. Then I ask whoever I'm watching the movie with what happened. Movies try their best to fake you out though, you can't trust the music anymore. I've hidden my face when the music gets all scary and nothing happens. Then I get all relaxed and BAM something jumps out at me. I recently rented The Woman in Black, released on DVD May 22, 2012.  My main reason for renting this movie was to see if Daniel Radcliffe could pull off playing anything other than Harry Potter. I think he did pretty well, but every time I forgot who he was I had the thought "hey, that's Harry Potter". The beginning scene is of three young girls playing and suddenly they all stand up, walk to the window and proceed to jump … [Read more...]

This Means War – Reel Reviews

I've long been a Reese Witherspoon fan. There's just something about her that's quirky and endearing. If she's in a movie, I know that I'll probably enjoy it. Probably being the key word. I did watch "How Do You Know" and I didn't like it.  Richard showed me the trailer for This Means War when it was about to hit the theater. It was surprising that he was interested in what I considered a chick flick, but hey I'll take it. This Means War was released on DVD on May 22, 2012. Reese Witherspoon plays a girl looking for a relationship and happens to begin one with two different guys. These guys, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, just happen to be friends and CIA spies. They were recently benched because someone is after them so they have plenty of time to wage war against each other for the attention of a girl. When they realize they are both attracted to Reese's character they promise not to let it affect their relationship. The fun begins anyway. They start surveillance on each other and … [Read more...]