Sock It to Me Review

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a gift card/money/coupon and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. All opinions expressed are those of the reviewer and honest in nature. Given the choice, I prefer to be barefoot. My feet feel strange when I'm wearing socks and shoes. I never wear socks unless I'm putting on shoes. Obviously, it's not plausible to get through life without wearing socks, so when I do, I prefer they have personality. Sock It To Me has funky socks options for every mood or occasion. There are socks for men, women, and children, even infants! You can choose your favorite length including knee, over the knee, ankle, or crew (which happens to be my favorite). The knee socks come in a variety of styles and colors including argyle, stripes, funky, derby, and curvy. My favorite are the funky socks with choices like whales, skulls, or bikes. I chose the crew length with black cats and owls. They are super cute! I mean … [Read more...]

NightCare Heel Treatment Kit Review

Hey, guess what? This is a review. I was sent samples of the products below. I received no monetary compensation. All opinions expressed are solely my own based upon my experience with the product.  I've mentioned the "dragon feet" once or twice, I'm sure. My feet and heels offer me a never-ending battle of dry, cracked skin. I think one of the main reasons is because my feet are constantly exposed to "the elements". I really don't like wearing shoes. If I'm around the house, I'm barefoot. I put on shoes if I need to go somewhere public, but the second I get back I take them off. And honestly, most of the time I take them off in the car too. Even worse is wearing just socks. It gives my feet the heebie jeebies. My feet just prefer to be bare. Unfortunately, my feet suffer the bare consequences of being extremely dry and cracked. That, of course, leads to itchy feet. You know that itch on your feet that you just can't seem to get? Ugh those are awful! I was recently sent a … [Read more...]

Origami Owl – Original Jewelry

I've mentioned that when I was younger I wore a lot of jewelry. I had rings on every finger, bracelets, and necklaces. I had each ear pierced multiple times as well as my tongue pierced. Somewhere a long the line, I just stopped wearing jewelry. I haven't worn earrings in years. I owned one necklace. The only rings I wear are my wedding bands. It isn't that I no longer love jewelry, it's just that I don't put much thought into it. That is until I see something very special. Origami Owl is custom jewelry that tells a story, one that you are the author of. With Living Lockets you choose the charms, locket, chain, plates, and dangles. The finished product is unique and individual. I was very excited to begin creating my Living Locket. There are so many charms to choose from in categories such as animals, causes, birthstones, sports, and many more. I changed my mind many times in the process, but that's the fun part. I ended up choosing an owl (it reminds me of my name), … [Read more...]

A Big Attitude Active Wear Review – Look the Part

With muscle issues, exercising has become a bit difficult lately. I do hope to get back on track as soon as I'm able. That being said, this summer and up until recently I was doing great at working out. I started the Couch 2 5k program and made my way through to week 6. I was also doing Zumba a couple times a week as well as body weight strength training. I was feeling good! With the help of A Big Attitude Active Wear, I was looking good too. I don't know about you, but workout clothes and active wear is a lot like a superhero costume. I put these items on and I feel pumped and ready to tackle my workout. I recently reviewed a few active wear items including the Black Side Vent Logo Capri Pants in black, Logo Scoop Neck Sports Bra in black, and their Baseball Shirt in black and purple. I put the whole outfit on and went for a jog and felt fabulous! The capri pants are extremely comfortable and form fitting, but not too tight so as to be confused with leggings. The bottom … [Read more...]

Rock This Halloween with Just Jen T-Shirts

While my fashion sense is lacking, I do love a good t-shirt. My husband loves t-shirts too. In fact, he has several that I would love to throw away. They are so thin you can almost see through them, but he refuses to toss them in the garbage. But back to me, I love Halloween, I love the costumes, but especially the sweets. Richard and I always made sure to "test" Jake's candy, you know, to make sure it was safe. Jake stopped trick or treating a few years ago, so all the more reason for me to be a little festive. Just Jen has a wide variety of shirts for yourself and your little ones and not just for Halloween. You can choose from adorable shirts to fit each holiday. A comfortable t-shirt is my top of choice and it's the perfect time of year to wear Halloween t-shirts. There were several cute shirts that caught my eye, but I picked the Ghost t-shirt for my review. It's cute and fun. I ordered a 2X, but when I got it I was a little worried that it might not fit because it looked … [Read more...]