Bru and Crew – Peek a Mo

  Mo was peeking out at me from behind the computer. He's so silly! … [Read more...]

Old Mother Hubbard Treats Your Pet

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a gift card/money/coupon and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. All opinions expressed are those of the reviewer and honest in nature. I have eight animals including two dogs and six cats. I love to spoil each of them and that includes edible treats. I do have to be honest though my dogs Asia and Harley aren't exactly picky when it comes to dog treats. They are happy to gobble up pretty  much anything. The cats on the other hand are well...cats. They are picky and don't hesitate to turn their noses up at anything they don't like. They've been known to scoff at certain brands of food. They look at me as though I've given them garbage or worse dog food. Though Brutus has nibbled on dry dog food a couple times, he's a weirdo! I was recently sent some all-natural dog treats from Old Mother Hubbard called Crispy Crunchers and Wellness Petite Entrees for Asia and Harley. I also received Wellness Cat Treats … [Read more...]

Bru & Crew – The Escape

All of my cats are indoors only and I keep them that way intentionally. If I lived in the country on a good amount of land, I might consider letting them outdoors, but even then I'd be worried. There are so many things that can happen to cats outside. I live on a corner lot and people zip down my street much faster than they should. Roman and Brutus have both managed to sneak outside several times over the years, but thankfully I've either found them or they came back. Since we bought this house though, they haven't gotten out more than to the front yard. Most recently, they pushed the screen through a window and were escaping that way. Richard changed the screen to nip that in the bud. Lately though Roman has been running straight out the front door! We have to hold the dogs back while somebody is walking in or out and he's been using this opportunity to run out! He runs as fast as he can to hide under the porch steps. He stays there until he's ready to come out too. … [Read more...]

Bru & Crew – Meet Po

Po is my youngest minion and the only female cat I've ever had. I was sitting at my desk and happened to look out the window a year ago or so and there was this teeny black and white creature across the street. There was a woman standing there waiting for the bus and she kept shoving the creature away with her foot. I actually thought it might be small puppy, like a pug. I went over there and it turned out to be a kitten. I asked the woman if the kitten was hers and she said no. The kitten sort of followed me back to my porch and I brought her in. She was wearing a flea collar. Our neighbor's down the street were (they have moved I think) family of Jake's friend Tre so I asked him to ask if anybody had lost a kitten. In retrospect, I should have tried harder to find the family this kitten was missing from. She was hungry for attention and loved getting any she could! I would pet her and she would flop herself down and roll around so happily. Plus she had this huge belly! She … [Read more...]

Bru & Crew – Meet Mo

Mo was born on the porch to a stray and is litter mates with Kai (they are both a year and a half old). Initially Mo was actually supposed to go to my Mom and that's why I kept him a little longer. She changed her mind though and I couldn't part with this little orange ball of fluff. He's the only long haired cat I've ever had. His favorite place to sit when he was younger was on my shoulder or on my chest. He loved being held in my arms like a baby too! Mo is my special guy. In April of this year, he started acting "off". He then started having seizures and for a couple days had them almost non-stop. It was very scary! For awhile, he struggled with walking and couldn't jump at all. I had to give him baths in the sink because he couldn't groom himself.   I made a Mo-hawk! He slowly started regaining his strength, but I honestly think there was some permanant damage from having all those seizures (it has been a month since I've seen him have a seizure so hopefully … [Read more...]