Save Up To $500 on the LG Wash System at Best Buy

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. Whatever your laundry situation, LG has the solution. Both LG washers and dryers come with features to simplify your laundry experience including large capacities, special cycles, multiple temperature settings, among others. You can even use Smart ThinQ technology to remotely start your appliances via a smartphone and keep track of the cycles. You can also easily monitor your energy usage. Other items in the LG laundry suite are traditional pedestals and SideKick pedestals. The traditional pedestal both raises your appliance to a comfortable height and grants you valuable storage. This would be a favorite feature of mine. Bending over low to the washer and dryer when they are placed on the floor, strains my back. I would love to have mine raised to reduce the distance I have to lean over. The SideKick pedestal is pretty awesome too because … [Read more...]

The Best Comics and Graphic Novels for Teens

Reading is easily one of the most important skills we can learn and give to ourselves. It can help with self-improvement, it will expose you to new information and ideas and it can help you understand what other people are going through. It can also enlighten you on topics that you want to learn more about, it feeds your brain, acts as stress relief, and it's excellent for building creativity. Reading at all ages is important, yet it can sometimes be a bit more difficult to encourage during those teenage years. If you’ve got a teen that isn’t exactly racing to pick up a typical paperback novel, it may just be that they need to find another type of medium to read. Comics and graphic novels are one of the most popular forms of reading material for teens and are able to still provide all those great benefits that go along with reading. For those parents looking to encourage their teens to keep reading, here’s a look at some of the best comics and graphic novels out there … [Read more...]

Five Tips for Planning a Children’s Birthday Party

Your child’s birthday party is the perfect opportunity for you to show your little one just how much you care. That is why you should plan and carefully consider every aspect of the day. The more thought you put into the party, the better it will be. If event organization and making decorations are not your forte, then fear not – when there’s a will there’s a way! Below are five tips that will help you on your journey towards creating a memorable event that your youngster is sure to love. Think carefully about your guest list The first step is to think carefully about your guest list. When you are dealing with a child’s birthday, it is important that you don’t leave anyone out. Even if your little one has a special group of friends, you will need to send out invites to everyone in their class. Sending everyone an invite will prevent any arguments and should save your child from missing out on an invite in the future. Find a fun activity that everyone can enjoy Another … [Read more...]

Reasons Why You Should Consider a Dog For Your Family

Anyone who has ever had a dog will know how affectionate they are, what good company they make, and how it can be a huge bonus to have one in your home. If you have never had a dog and you’re considering getting one for your family, there are some excellent reasons why that is a wonderful idea. Children and adults alike can benefit enormously from a dog. So if your children have asked you whether they can have one and you’re hesitating on your decision, take a look at these reasons, and you might find yourself convinced. Good Friend Children can easily fall out with their friends. They can have arguments, and they can be upset. Perhaps your child’s neighborhood or school friends are on vacation, or they’re sick and can’t play. Perhaps they’ve been placed in a different class, and now they don’t see each other as much as they once did. With a dog as a companion, however, none of that will happen. A dog will never stop enjoying your child’s company, and will, in fact, prevent … [Read more...]

How to Perfect the Emo Look

When it comes to trendy hairstyles for teens and young women, few looks have been able to hit such heights as the popular Emo look. The look really hit a fevered pitch with the emergence of the rock scene, but it has managed to morph and really stay relevant even today. Where it used to be that you had to dye your hair jet black to create the Emo look, today, the trend has become more flexible and versatile. This makes the style more attainable and wearable for women. If you’re looking to create that perfect Emo look with your hairstyle, then here are some tips you can use. Opt for Edgy and Cute All at the Same Time When it comes to the best Emo hairstyle, you want to blend a cute and trendy look with something that had an edginess to it. The most classic look is to ensure there are bangs and plenty of choppy fringe around the face. Jet black is also the most classic color to opt for, but today you don't have to feel you are forced to only choose black. Pretty much any color works … [Read more...]