Creative Ways to Push Your Career Forward

We’ve all been there; you feel like your career isn’t going anywhere and you’re stuck in the same position for too long. You tried to get the next big promotion, but the office decided to give it to someone else. Like I said, we’ve all been there at one point or another. Advancing up the corporate ladder isn’t always as straightforward as many believe. There are a lot of factors that influence your chances of getting promoted. That said, there are also creative ways to take that next step and be where you want to be in a relatively short amount of time. We’re going to take a closer look at some of those ways in this article. Pursue an MBA One of the most sure-fire ways of advancing in your career is by getting an MBA. Fortunately, you can now pursue an online MBA from reputable universities such as Northeastern University and still maintain a full-time job without a problem. Online courses – especially executive programs – are designed to help you get an MBA in as little as 12 … [Read more...]

DIY Pedicure Gift Basket Featuring the Original Pedi-Sox®+ Giveaway

The holidays are fast approaching and with that comes the scramble for gift ideas. Some people are genuinely difficult to shop for. They seem to have everything and it's hard to find the gift that "fits". My suggestion when that happens is the gift basket. It seems a simple solution, but it can pack a holiday punch. All it takes is a basket, a few themed items, and some creativity. The best part is that the thought behind them are sure to make the recipient feel special. A DIY pedicure gift basket makes a fantastic gift for the women in your life. Treat your sister, Mom, cousin, friend, co-worker, whoever, to a little pampering. Putting together the basket is pretty easy - and affordable, too! You can easily make a few of these baskets without breaking the bank. Of course, you can add different touches to each to personalize them for each individual. I started my gift off with a dark brown basket. You can start yours with a basket or any style of container. There are some … [Read more...]

Understanding the Zika Virus and Its Effects

Understanding the Zika Virus and Its Effects I know this site is usually about giveaways and fun things, but I want to be a bit serious in this post. We’re seeing an increasing number of Zika virus infections across the United States. Studies suggest that there may be more unreported – or undetected – cases, especially since a Zika infection doesn’t always produce visible symptoms. The University of Arizona and its Public Health department are working hard to understand the Zika virus and the way it spreads. Aside from mosquito bites, the Zika virus can also be spread through sexual intercourse. This is especially true with pregnant women, with over 20 reported cases of infection so far. The virus will then be transmitted to the fetus, causing more severe problems and often leading to birth defects. While the virus itself is not new, the recent outbreaks are clear signs that it is something to be more careful about. Make sure you take the time to read the full infographic, … [Read more...]

Why All the Confusion About Healthcare? It’s Broken!

If you follow the news, there seems to be an ongoing battle between the left and the right about just what the Affordable Care Act has done for this country. Some believe it’s the best thing since the invention of the wheel and others feel that it is the biggest mistake in the history of mankind. Others don’t understand exactly why they are being forced to purchase healthcare and others still can’t quite get it that insurance companies are suffering huge losses because healthcare still isn’t affordable. In other words, there is a huge amount of confusion as to just what is going on with Obamacare. However, there is one thing upon which just about everyone agrees, and that is that it’s broken. Employers Mandated to Offer Healthcare Anyone studying healthcare law is being instructed on the intricacies involved in mandatory healthcare insurance. In the process of working towards their masters in health policy, students are instructed on which employers are mandated to offer … [Read more...]

Jalapeño Pepper Hands – What Cures the Burn?

Richard's 40th birthday is next week and we had a few family members over last night for dinner. The planned menu was marinated (Parmesan herb) chicken breast, twice baked potatoes, deviled eggs, and corn. Richard and Jake both love things spicy, while I have what they call "sissy lips". And the term is rightly deserved because even something with too much black pepper can be too strong for me. Forget anything spicier such as crushed red pepper. Anyway, in my quest to spice the potatoes and deviled eggs to their liking, I minced several jalapeños. I've done this many times and never had problem. This time was different. I cut each pepper in half, scooped out the insides, and then minced them into small pieces. I added some into the egg mixture and then put the rest into a bag to be added to the potatoes later. I'm having trouble remembering exactly when my left hand started tingling, but it did and only got worse from there. I washed my hands several times with soap and water … [Read more...]