Looking for a Career Change? Social Work Could Be the Right Path for You

When you first choose a career in life, it’s often based on your interests, goals, and even lifestyle at that moment in time. Over the years, it’s only natural that each of those areas goes through changes, which can leave you feeling bored, unfulfilled, and just under-appreciated in your current career. If you think you’re ready for a career change, social work could be a path well worth considering. This particular field can be extremely rewarding and provides new and unique challenges each and every day. Here’s a look at what makes social work so interesting and why it could be right for you. What is a Social Worker? Before you decide this is the right path to take, it’s important to understand what a social worker is and what their job entails. Social workers work with clients, who can be organizations, communities, families, and/or individuals, and they help their client work on various challenges they are facing. A social worker is responsible for performing an assessment, … [Read more...]

10 Activities to Get You Moving & Off the Couch

Staying fit and healthy is a goal most people have, but find difficult to accomplish on a regular basis. This is because you’re busy attending to your responsibilities and rushing around trying to keep up with all of your obligations. It’s important to start increasing your heart rate and moving your body on a regular basis. If you don’t, you risk sacrificing your wellbeing. You’ll feel more sluggish and unmotivated to follow through with your daily tasks. Make it a personal goal to invest more time focusing on your health and fitness routine. See 10 activities to get you moving and off the couch. Kickboxing Head to your local gym and register for kickboxing classes. The instructor and music will have you instantly moving and sweating. It’s not only a great workout, but it’s a fun one too. You’ll be working all parts of your body and burning a lot of calories in a short amount of time. Enjoy being with other people and letting the teacher guide you through the moves. Jet … [Read more...]

How to Land Yourself Some Quick Cash if You Find Yourself in a Rut

Regardless of how good you are with money, it’s not always possible to stay ahead, especially if an unexpected expense pops up out of nowhere. It’s fairly easy to fall into a rut and get stressed out about personal finances and it often feels like there’s nothing you can do to get yourself out of it. However, you do have numerous options available and, with a bit of hard work and motivation, there are ways you can quickly get back on the straight and narrow. If you’re looking for ideas when it comes to finding quick cash, have a look at some of the possible ideas below. Take Advantage of Online Freelance Sites Earning money via the online freelancer sites isn’t strenuous work as long as you’re reliable. You don’t need to be a full-scale web developer or a top photographer to earn money either. Simply sign up for an account with the many online freelancer sites and use your basic skills to earn some quick cash. If you’re good at drawing, offer your skills as a pencil logo designer. If … [Read more...]

Top Three Vacation Ideas for the Holiday Season

Going on vacation over the holiday season can be a stressful experience, even if you are the most zen-like of individuals. Long hours in the car, delays at the airport and even lost luggage can wreck your vacation plans before you have even starting relaxing. So why not explore different holiday options this festive season? In fact, you don’t even need to go abroad to have a relaxing and different kind of break with your family and loved ones. Here in the US, there are miles of national parks, cute small towns and sites of history that are just waiting for you to explore and enjoy – even when the weather gets colder. So don’t splash out on a package tour or cruise, when there’s hours of fun to be had much nearer to home. There’s nothing more romantic than exploring the seaside or enjoying some retail therapy and the Christmas holiday lights in one of the country’s larger cities. Even if you are more of a sun chaser, don’t despair, head to California or one of the southern states to … [Read more...]

What Does a Career in Nursing Have to Offer?

Not everyone is a budding Florence Nightingale and well suited to the nursing field. It takes several different disciplines to be a good nurse, including medical knowledge, good bedside manner, the ability to handle stressful situations, as well as not being squeamish at the sight of blood and having a predisposition to empathize with your patients. Let’s look at how a career in nursing can benefit you. A Chance to Care for Others Sitting at an office desk from 9-5 isn’t something that suits everyone. A few of us prefer to be on our feet moving around, talking to people and taking care of them. A more active, involved vocation is preferable to some people. If you’re a “people person” then that certainly helps, as stern looking nurses don’t inspire much confidence or an expectation of warmth from a sickly patient. For people who like to care for others and find themselves taking that role on naturally in their personal life, then working as a nurse is likely to be extremely … [Read more...]