The Importance of Teaching Our Kids Tolerance

One of the most ‘enlightening’ messages to come out of this year’s highly controversial and oftentimes extremely heated presidential election is the need to talk to our kids about tolerance. The left is bashing the right and the right is throwing slams at the left, and most of it is unfounded and totally not true. Much of it is a spinoff of a smaller ‘fact’ that has been picked up by the media and so distorted by the time it hits the air that few people can actually say they know what is going on and why. If you just let your kids watch all the bizarre arguments going back and forth and the rampant hatred on both sides, you are doing them a grave disservice. As a parent, it’s important to use times like these as a lesson in tolerance. We may not always agree with others but we can learn to be tolerant of our differences and even begin to find some area of common ground where we can be friends. Being Tolerant Encompasses So Much Territory When you think about how hard it is to … [Read more...]

Forced Vacation from the Internet

This was my last Saturday and Sunday off work for the forseeable future. I'm almost done with the transition phase of my new job and then I'll have a schedule that changes each week. I had planned on getting a lot of blogging done yesterday. Ok I didn't actually plan it, but I thought about it and assumed that's what I would do. I'm up and about right as Richard is leaving for work and I realize that there's no internet connection or phone line. Of course, he blames the cats. Sometimes they like to knock stuff over. We reset the modem, but that didn't help. Richard left for work, so I borrowed Jake's cell phone to call Mediacom. Of course, I got the dreaded "we're experiencing an outage in your area, high level of calls, blah" and then they pretty much hang up on you. The recorded message didn't even give you the chance to speak with a representative. So what was I to do with a forced vacation from the internet? I could be productive and clean the house. If it was nicer out, I … [Read more...]

Hot New Movie Reviews by Mind on Movies

Check out Mind on Movies for hot new movie reviews. I'm one of those people that if I want to see a movie, I'll see it whether the reviews are fantastic or scathing. I do like to see what other people think of movies. I like to compare my thoughts to the masses. White House Down Is White House Down just a copy cat of Olympus has Fallen?  The answer to this question is no. White House Down is hands down far better then Olympus has Fallen. The chemistry between Jamie Foxx and Chaning Tatum was like they were good friends and they belong to each other. White House Down had so many twist and turns that you will want to watch very closely, but this is good because it will keep you on the edge of your seat routing for Channing and Jamie. Jamie Foxx stars as President Sawyer, and I found myself laughing at what he said during the whole movie. Jamie Foxx is such a good comedian, he should get more comedian roles in future movies. The storyline in White House Down is very … [Read more...]

Welcome 2013!

Hello, 2013! You've already started better than 2012, let's hope you can keep the momentum! I wish you all a fabulous new year full of health, happiness, and success. … [Read more...]

Billie’s Brain – Family Christmas

We usually get together for my side of the family on Christmas Day. I have to work second shift Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so we had our family Christmas party yesterday. Dani had to work until 4 so I asked everyone to be here around 5. Richard and I did most of the cleaning on Friday so we wouldn't scramble to clean on Saturday. Richard popped two pork loins in to slow cook throughout the day and it made the house smell amazing.  For some strange reason, not everyone loves pulled pork so for them I looked up an easy egg salad recipe and also made homemade macaroni and cheese. I made peanut butter balls and French Silk Pie Petites. Dani brought little smokies and oreo cookie balls. Dirk came early and we got to hang out and finish some last minute present wrapping (mostly Richard's because I'm a procrastinator). Richard and I finished up some last minute cleaning and then relaxed until everyone else got here. The macaroni and cheese was late to the oven so we … [Read more...]