Asthma Safety – Know Your Count

This is a sponsored post. #ad I had asthma when I was younger. I carried an inhaler through sixth grade. Luckily, it hasn't been much of a problem since then. But now, both Richard and Jake suffer from extreme asthma and allergies. They both take several different medications and also have rescue inhalers. There is a nebulizer downstairs and one upstairs. Richard uses the nebulizer quite a bit more often than Jake. When their asthma has gotten really bad, they've had to do steroid treatments to help get back on track. From experiencing an asthma attack myself and watching others as well, I know it is a horrible and very scary situation. The problem with rescue inhalers is that there's no way of knowing how much medicine is left in the inhaler. Kristen Chenowith is an award winning singer and actress that has recently shared about her asthma journey and and urges others to get serious about their asthma safety. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) and Teva … [Read more...]

The Curse Has Been Broken!

I'm so excited to see this movie! Angelina Jolie is hit or miss for me. I either really like her in a role or I'm just like bleh whatever. She looks  fantastic in this part though! You can like Maleficent on Facebook! Follow Maleficent on Twitter, too! … [Read more...]

Prozac, Colds, and Birthdays

Ah, hello there! Remember me? It has been awhile. The last three to four weeks have been...I can't even think of a word for them. I'm sure I've mentioned a few times that I suffer from OCD and anxiety. I also deal with agoraphobia and depression. I've been back and forth about writing on these topics on Rowell Reviews. I've decided that for the most part, I'll keep the posts on those topics limited so as not to lose focus on product reviews. That's what Rowell Reviews is about, after all! I plan on starting a new blog to write more personal posts. Anywho, I was on Prozac since February of last year and mistakenly and stupidly stopped taking it for a month and a half or so at the end of the year. This caused old obsessions and anxiety to sneak in so I restarted it. Wow, was that difficult! The increase in anxiety and obsessive thoughts after restarting it was hellish! I was nearly in tears several times, but I think at this point at least that part has subsided. I do have a long way … [Read more...]

Best Activities to Keep You Busy


Best Activities to Keep You Busy Whether we’re at home, at work, visiting a friend, waiting for an appointment, or travelling… there are times when we want to keep busy. Fortunately, there are thousands of things we can do to keep ourselves occupied; the following is a list of several great activities. Take up a hobby: A hobby is one of the best ways to stay busy. Whether it’s knitting, sewing, collecting, or blogging, find something pleasurable. It’s possible that what starts as a hobby might lead to a new business! Take a class and learn new skills:   Take a class on line and learn a new skill. Enroll in a cooking class, join a writing group, or read a “how to” guide. You might even want to consider going back to school to complete a degree. Play a game: Complete Sudoku, word puzzles, or find games online. Choose an activity you enjoy that captures your interest. For example, when you play the Rocky slot at Titan Casino you can keep busy for … [Read more...]

Serious Confession Here

Ok, so here goes with a full on serious confession... I'm glad the Olympics are over. There, I said it. And when I had the thought I did feel a twinge of something like wrongness, almost un-American? I watched maybe a few minutes total of the Olympics this year. That's pretty normal with me for every Olympic year though. I just don't get super excited about sports and that's what these are. I mean, sure I want awesome people to win gold medals and beat records and all, but they just are less than interesting to me. And while they're on, all my favorite shows are on hiatus. More than a few times, I just thought to myself, hurry up and be over! One cool thing though, the Olympic torch passed through my town when I was in high school. That was a big to do. But otherwise, back to our regularly scheduled programming! Does that make me a bad person? LOL … [Read more...]