CBD Gummies: What They Are and Who They Benefit

It seems everywhere you look, somebody is talking about CBD oil. I come across a conversation about it at least once a day. Usually it is people looking for pain relief and since both by husband and Mom suffer from chronic pain, I thought I would do a little research into CBD. I found a wealth of information on what CBD is as well as the different ways you can get it. It comes in a variety of forms including oils, capsules, sprays, tinctures, edibles and more. Of all of those, I think the best – well, at least the most fun – way sounds like the edibles. Edibles come in many forms themselves such as brownies, cupcakes, cookies. But did you know they come in gummy form? I mean, who turns down a gummy? Especially the best CBD gummies that can help you relieve pain, reduce stress and anxiety, or even promote cardiovascular health. A sweet (or sour) treat that can possibly benefit your life? Yes, please!

What is CBD oil?

If you’re totally out of the loop, CBD stands for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol or CBD as it’s commonly referred to is a type of cannabinoid – or chemical – that is naturally found in the cannabis plant. CBD is found in the seeds, stalks, and can be extracted in oil form independently of other cannabinoids. Most people hear cannabis and immediately think marijuana. While both CBD and THC are cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant, they are completely separate and cause different effects. THC can cause psycho active or mood altering symptoms, but because CBD contains less than .3% THC, it can be used for multiple benefits without experiencing a high or psycho active effects. CBD oil is what is produced after the CBD is extracted from either the hemp or marijuana plant. It is then processed to be offered to consumers in a variety of forms.

What are CBD gummies?

As I previously stated CBD comes in a variety of forms. There are oils that can be taken sublingually (under your tongue) or swallowed by itself or taken with food/drink. There are oral sprays that are self-explanatory. Vaping is a popular way to use CBD and there are also topicals such as creams and salves that are applied directly to a localized area for relief. Lastly, there are edibles, specifically CBD gummies. Basically, CBD oil is extracted and added to natural flavors and colors and molded into a variety of shapes such as gummy bears, gummy rings, and gummy worms, among others. And yes, they come in both sweet and sour!

Who could benefit from using CBD gummies? And why?

CBD oil has shown promise in alleviating symptoms of people that suffer from cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, rheumatoid arthritis, and several mental illnesses as well. The number one reason for people using CBD gummies is pain relief. There is a very concerning and growing addiction rate to pain medication and people are looking for an alternative to manage their pain. CBD oil has been shown to relieve pain, even when used as a therapeutic aid for chronic pain. It also reduces inflammation, relieves nausea, and prevents vomiting. Taking CBD gummies could help reduce anxiety and stress. They also add a healthy and balanced source of energy. I’ve also read that CBD oil can help prevent vascular damage and possibly improve cognitive functioning in the brain.

Anybody looking to manage pain, anxiety, stress or just relax a little without the “high” of THC could benefit from adding CBD oil to their life. CBD gummies are long lasting because they are digested, making them very potent. They are discreet and easy to take, which make them optimal for the “on-to-go” type of person. One feature that’s high on my list for the gummies is that they are pre-dosed, so each gummy has exactly the same amount of CBD oil. I have absolutely no interest in getting high or the psychoactive properties of THC, so I appreciate that CBD oil and subsequently the gummies that are made with that oil have none of those typical hallucinogenic effects as it contains zero to trace THC. This is because the oil and gummies have been processed carefully to remove the THC and other unneeded cannabinoids.

What to look for in a brand?

If you’re considering trying CBD gummies, you’ll want to do a little research. It’s important that the brand you buy from is legitimate and above all…safe! You definitely want to ensure that the product you receive is top quality such as the MedsBiotechCBD edible options. As you’re perusing websites for your gummies, check the website for one that clearly displays all labels on their packaging. It’s also important that the company provides reports and results, typically from an independent lab. Defined labels and reports allow you and other consumers to know exactly what’s in the bottle. Reading those, make sure the products are all-natural CBD and legal in your state. For legal or personal reasons, you’ll also want to make sure the products contain no THC. That is, of course, THC is legal in your state or you want the psychoactive effects that THC can cause. Depending on your personal choices, look for products that are organic and natural, including flavorings. I would prefer any of my edibles to be without synthetic chemicals or energizers.

I definitely would recommend looking for a website that offers a 100% refund guarantee. I suggest that with any product, it’s just good business. Additionally, I would find a brand that offers an extensive FAQ page, this means they know people will have questions and they want to make sure their consumers are as educated as possible. It’s important that the brand also has a fantastic customer service team to answer any additional questions. I especially appreciate when they have a “chat” option. That way I can get any questions answered in real time.

I would love to hear from you on your experiences with CBD gummies or any other form of CBD. Have you used it for pain relief or other reasons? Feel free to leave a comment!