How to Maintain a Safe, Healthy and Secure Home

our home should be a safe haven where every member of your household feels safe, protected and relaxed. However, there are lots of dangers that lurk around your house, both internally and externally, that could disturb your peace, put at risk of suffering injuries and getting sick and eve a loss of life and property.

As such, you need to be able to identify these potential hazards and eliminate them or protect yourself against them and mitigate their impact on your lifestyle. This becomes even more important when you have young children in the house.

Follow these tips to keep your house healthy and safe.

Burglarproof your house

The emotional and financial impact of being a victim of burglary is severe not to mention the potential loss of lives and damage to property. You can do your bit in deterring burglary incidents at your home by installing a home security system.

Have secure locks at all entry points to your house and invest in an alarm system and surveillance cameras to deter opportunistic burglars. Catching intruders to your home is also much easier when you have recorded evidence.

You should make sure your home is well lit and there are bushes or dark spots where criminals can hide without getting noticed. More importantly, never hide your spare key in obvious places such as under the doormat or by the door frame. If you must have a spare key, then keep it with a trusted neighbour.

Maintain food hygiene and safety

You could go down with a serious illness arising from unhygienic ways of handling food and drinking unsafe water.

Make sure your food is properly cooked and observe hygiene standards in their preparation. This starts right from the cleanliness of your kitchen, washing your hands before touching any food, and the way you store your foods. Keep your kitchen spotless and germ-free and store your foods properly. Never mix raw meats with fresh fruits and vegetables as there may be contamination. Regularly take a look at your fridge and dispose of food products that have overstayed there. Foods can only stay fresh for so long even under refrigeration.

If you drink tap water, then find a suitable water filter from Waterfilteranswers.Com to be on the safe side.

Baby proof

You must baby proof the house if you have babies and young children around. Secure your TV and movable furniture to minimize the risk of them falling on your children and neatly arrange your electrical cords against the wall or under the carpet where they are out of reach of your children to reduce the risk of electrocution. You should also cover your socket outlets and place furniture in front of them where suitable.

It is also important to keep medicines and poisons out of the reach of kids in lockable drawers and cabinets.