Four Fun Fitness Products You Can Enjoy at Home

One thing that holds many of us back from achieving our fitness goals is the sheer boredom of it all. Running along to the monotonous hum of a treadmill for endless miles or constantly lifting those weights can, let’s admit it, become pretty tedious. However, that’s no excuse to refrain from keeping fit. Exercise is absolutely essential to your body’s well-being and there’s nothing that should hold you back from participating in it as often as possible. Luckily, there are a variety of products out there that can make your workouts much easier and, believe it or not, fun.

These products are all great investments that will prove beneficial in the long run, helping you lose those pounds and gain that muscle.


While it shouldn’t be an incentive to ditch the gym completely, a trampoline is about as fun as physical activity gets. Prop one up in your backyard and start off by learning to jump without flinging yourself off. From there, you can learn more advanced tricks like flips and spins, helping you improve your motor skills and coordination.  Trampolinify.Com has a variety of guides and product recommendations that will help you choose the right trampoline for your budget and real estate.

Instant Home Gym

If the membership and transportation costs involved with attending a gym don’t tickle your fancy, you can always turn your own living space into a private gym. The Ace (American Council on Exercise) Fitness GetFit kit is a certified home gym solution consisting of four pieces.
Included is a medicine ball, resistance band, stability ball, and an exercise mat to do it all on. These basic pieces will allow you to do more than just basic bodyweight exercises and you can perform more interesting routines.

Advanced Exercise Bike

If money is no object, then the ProForm Tour De France 5.0 is an object worth having. It’s the official training bike for Tour De France competitors and features a pretty impressive design. With a variable incline, 30 gears, magnetic resistance, and custom toe cage pedals, it’s about as close to the real thing as it gets. The onboard console allows you to map real-life routes and have the machine automatically adjust its position based on the actual telemetry of the route. Pretty fancy.

Rope Machine

Ever wanted to look like Tarzan setting up his next vine swinging session? Well, with the Marpo Kinetics VLT Functional Rope Trainer you can do exactly that. It features an adjustable resistance scale that helps you simulate the experience of climbing a rope. Contrary to its appearance, this particular machine is fairly affordable and only requires a couple of AA batteries to operate. It is perfect for intense strength sessions, as well as simple cardio moves, making it a versatile solution for those looking for something fun and unique.


With products like these, you’ll never look at fitness as a boring or tedious task again. It’s like being able to achieve your goals without working hard for them, something you probably never thought was be possible.



  1. Thank you for sharing this. Trampoline is the best and most fun. They do, most of the job for you anyway :p
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