The Best Comics and Graphic Novels for Teens

Reading is easily one of the most important skills we can learn and give to ourselves. It can help with self-improvement, it will expose you to new information and ideas and it can help you understand what other people are going through. It can also enlighten you on topics that you want to learn more about, it feeds your brain, acts as stress relief, and it’s excellent for building creativity. Reading at all ages is important, yet it can sometimes be a bit more difficult to encourage during those teenage years.

If you’ve got a teen that isn’t exactly racing to pick up a typical paperback novel, it may just be that they need to find another type of medium to read. Comics and graphic novels are one of the most popular forms of reading material for teens and are able to still provide all those great benefits that go along with reading.

For those parents looking to encourage their teens to keep reading, here’s a look at some of the best comics and graphic novels out there today.

Superhero Comics and Graphics Novels

When it comes to comics with staying power it’s hard to beat the various Superhero comics and graphic novels out there. You can basically pick any single Superhero or team of heroes and there is likely a series that goes along with them. Popular ones at the moment include the Guardians of the Galaxy series, Hulk, and Ironman. They give teens a much more in-depth look at these heroes, providing back stories and plots that the movies don’t even come close to covering.

Popular Video Games Depicted through Graphic Novels and Comics

There are many video games out there that actually began as a comic or graphic novel, or got their print counterpart not long after the game was released. Prime examples include The Legend of Zelda, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Halo, God of War, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Silent Hill.

The Walking Dead – A Comic Book Phenomenon

Of course you can’t list popular comic and graphic novels without mentioning The Walking Dead. This black-and-white comic book series was created in 2003 and is ongoing with 176 issues to date. Not only was the comic book a huge success, it spawned one of the most iconic television shows of our time – The Walking Dead. It was the rebirth of the horror generation with many others popping up in this space since.

Let Them Be the Writer

You may also want to introduce your kids to the Rage Maker tool. This website makes it possible for teens to build their own comic strips and memes, now that they’ve been inspired by all the graphic novels they’ve been reading. The Rage Maker site is incredibly easy to use and allows them to tap into their own creativity.

Encourage Their Interest in Reading

Rather than obsess about your teen picking up those huge and often intimidating novels of 500+ pages, you can encourage their interest in reading by finding subject material they enjoy in a medium that they feel comfortable with.