Reasons Why You Should Consider a Dog For Your Family

Anyone who has ever had a dog will know how affectionate they are, what good company they make, and how it can be a huge bonus to have one in your home. If you have never had a dog and you’re considering getting one for your family, there are some excellent reasons why that is a wonderful idea. Children and adults alike can benefit enormously from a dog. So if your children have asked you whether they can have one and you’re hesitating on your decision, take a look at these reasons, and you might find yourself convinced.

Good Friend

Children can easily fall out with their friends. They can have arguments, and they can be upset. Perhaps your child’s neighborhood or school friends are on vacation, or they’re sick and can’t play. Perhaps they’ve been placed in a different class, and now they don’t see each other as much as they once did. With a dog as a companion, however, none of that will happen. A dog will never stop enjoying your child’s company, and will, in fact, prevent them from feeling depressed and lonely. A dog can easily and quickly become your child’s best friend, and you can rest assured there will be no bullying and no disagreements that lead to a hurt child who needs comforting. Your child might even find that they can confide in their dog when there have no one else to talk to, which reduces anxiety and worry. Plus, a dog will provide the perfect entertainment that can make your child feel better when they are angry, nervous, sad, or stressed.

Good For Health

Having a dog as a pet is connected to having good health. Dogs love to be outside running, chasing a ball, playing fetch, learning tricks, and more. Of course, they also need to be walked at least once a day. Therefore, if your child is the one taking care of the dog, they are also going to be outside more, being more active, and feeling better and healthier all-round. Walking their dog means that your kid is not sitting in front of a TV or computer screen, and it will help maintain a healthy weight (along with balanced meals). Breathing fresh air is a wonderful thing. For younger children, parental supervision will be required on these walks away from your home, so it’s good for the entire family. On top of all of this, it has been shown that having a dog gives your child a strengthened immune system, so they are less likely to pick up common colds and infections and will be less prone to allergies.

Good Protection

Having a dog by your side is a great form of protection, and when a parent is not around, having a dog that will look after your child is a fantastic thing for peace of mind. It’s all down to good training; if you ever felt that your dog could harm your child, then they should never be left alone together. However, a good dog that is trained to protect your home and your family can be very useful indeed. Dogs are more than guards, though. Depending on the type of dog you have, how well you can train it, or how much your budget will allow for specialist training, the family dog can even detect when there are allergens within food, for example. In extremely special cases they can help a physically disabled child have a much better quality of life by opening doors, bringing them items, and much more.

Good Life Skills

Your child will spend a lot of time playing with and caring for their dog, and in doing so, they will constantly be developing useful skills for later on in life. Taking care of their dog will show your child what it’s like to look after another living creature, which will add to their ability to parent if and when they choose to do. This will include ensuring that their dog is well, feeding them, giving them healthy treats from Betsy Farms, and making sure they receive enough exercise. Grooming a dog can boost motor skills, which is another important skill. Kids can even improve their reading by reading aloud to their pet, as a dog won’t interrupt or criticize, meaning the child will have more confidence to attempt even harder words. Dogs are also great when it comes to learning how to socialize. Going out to the dog park and mingling with other dog owners will increase your child’s confidence in social situations.

Good Emotional Development

As well as physical exercise and life skills, having a dog in the home promotes emotional development in your child as well. A playful dog will uplift anyone’s mood, and if there is a dog to greet children when they get up in the morning or come home from school, then their day can instantly be made brighter. This makes their evening, or the day yet to come, much more positive for them. Children will always feel wanted and loved in the company of a dog, and that fosters high self-esteem. Plus, having a dog can improve relationships between siblings if they are all taking care of the pet together as they can work as a team.

Good Behavior

Some children do have behavioral problems. It often isn’t something that can be combated by simply telling the child off and hoping that they behave better in future; there is more to it than that. These problems are deep-rooted and can be caused by conditions such as ADHD, Autism, or ADD. A dog may be able to calm even the most hyperactive or aggressive child, even if human interaction doesn’t change anything. This could be because the child instinctively understands that the dog is not causing any problems for them, or perhaps because they know that the dog will not judge them, and will be there for them no matter what. Whatever the reason, it works, and can really be a boon to any child with behavioral issues.


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