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I tend to think I know a little about everything, but I’m what I affectionately call “car clueless”. I mean, I know how to drive. I can put gas in. I can check the oil though changing it would be a different story. I conceptually understand how to change a tire, but that’s where my knowledge on automobiles fizzles out. Luckily, I have a husband, Dad, and brothers that I can turn to when I need help, but sometimes a girl just wants to do things on her own.

Richard and I are planning on purchasing a car next year. We have an older van that Jake has been eyeing for a long time. Why would a 21 year old want a van? Well, because there are no middle seats and he’s a drummer. Plenty of room for his gear. Anyway, Richard and I can always hit up the local dealerships, but I thought it would best to put in a little research.

I navigated my way over to to see what a “car clueless” person such as myself could figure out. Right away, I appreciated the site is clean and neat. There are no overly obnoxious colors or banners flashing at me. There’s a search bar front and center which I like because that’s what I planned on using right away. You can use a variety of filters such as make and model, body shape, new/used, max price, and especially location. What’s the point in finding the perfect car if it’s 2,000 miles away, right? I used the search to narrow down a few choices and was happy with the results. Each shows prices, mileage, color, photo, as well as where the vehicle is located and a phone number. There’s an option to save vehicles that you want to look at later and you can even add cars to a compare sheet where you can look at the details side by side. You can subscribe to a search too so that any time a new listing meets your criteria, will email you. Handy!

After searching, I scrolled a bit on the main page and saw there are many articles there geared for people like me. Tips on used car shopping or pointers on how to buy a certified pre-owned vehicle. The better I understand all the ins and outs, the better deal I think Richard and I can get.  Toggling over to videos and reviews, you’ll find a trove of information as well. They have everything from SUV comparisons to what is GPS, they even have an article on how to safely transport your Christmas tree! I’d say they have all the angles covered.

This is definitely a site I will use again as we get closer to purchase time next year. I’m glad there are sites such as that educate “car clueless” folks like me!




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