How to Make Money on Your Old Gadgets

How to Make Money on Your Old Gadgets

We can often accumulate a variety of old gadgets over the years, which we hide in closets and drawers. Yet, all those unused devices could help you top up your bank balance. Rather than storing them away to gather dust, find out how to make money on your old gadgets.

Wipe the Data

Before you put the gadgets up for sale, the first thing you must do is effectively wipe the data from the device. This is essential if you are selling a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, as they will often retain your personal details in the hard drive, which could fall into the wrong hands. Even if you have hit delete and emptied the Recycling Bin, you must wipe the hard drive. We, therefore, recommend taking the gadget to a Secure Data Recovery center for assistance.

Identify a Device’s Worth

Different devices will be worth different amounts, and the price you receive will be determined by its depreciation value and the condition of the gadget. For instance, Android smartphones and Apple laptops hold the best value, as you can sell high-quality devices for up to 75% of the price you paid. Yet, keyboards, Android tablets, mice and printers will often only provide a small fraction of their original RRP. Browse the market for the resale value of your gadgets to ensure you do not over or underprice an item.

The Best Place to Sell

You will have many choices when it comes to selling your old gadgets. In addition to offering loved one’s first refusal on the device, you could always put the item up for sale on an online marketplace, such as eBay or Craigslist. You can, therefore, sell the device for a fixed amount or put it up for auction – so you could receive more than you expected for a sought-after item. If a gadget is in great condition, we recommend taking photos of every side and surface to prove its quality to potential buyers. Ensure you only feature, high-quality images to allow a buyer to make an informed choice. You could also take the device along to an electronic store for a cash amount, or you could swap the item on a trade-in site. The choice is yours.

Care for the Gadget

If you want to receive the best possible price for a gadget, you must ensure they remain in tip-top condition. For example, clean the keyboard on your laptop, and try to minimize any scratches on a smartphone. Always care for devices with the aim of selling them in the future so that you will receive the best return on your investment.

Look for the Original Packaging

Did you know that people will often pay more for a device if it is in its original packaging and includes all its accessories? If possible, look for the original packaging and extras for the device you want to sell so that you can receive a greater return. That smartphone box could be hiding away at the bottom of a drawer somewhere, so dig it out.