Looking for a Career Change? Social Work Could Be the Right Path for You

When you first choose a career in life, it’s often based on your interests, goals, and even lifestyle at that moment in time. Over the years, it’s only natural that each of those areas goes through changes, which can leave you feeling bored, unfulfilled, and just under-appreciated in your current career. If you think you’re ready for a career change, social work could be a path well worth considering.

This particular field can be extremely rewarding and provides new and unique challenges each and every day. Here’s a look at what makes social work so interesting and why it could be right for you.

What is a Social Worker?

Before you decide this is the right path to take, it’s important to understand what a social worker is and what their job entails. Social workers work with clients, who can be organizations, communities, families, and/or individuals, and they help their client work on various challenges they are facing. A social worker is responsible for performing an assessment, providing a diagnosis, then a treatment plan and evaluation of how the treatment is going.

Social workers will work very closely with their clients and may even visit clients in their home, at a hospital/clinic, school, or workplace.

Each Day is Fresh and New

If you’re the type that just can’t picture yourself in a desk job where each and every day is the same thing, then social work could be a great option. Each and every single day will be new and different. Some days will be smooth and rewarding, then there will be days that really challenge you. Social work is about as far from a desk job as you can get.

You Respond Well in a Crisis

Another trait that effective social workers have is that they respond well to a crisis situation. As a social worker, emergencies and crisis situations will pop up and you need to be able to drop everything and respond in a clear and level-headed manner.

You’ll Learn All Kinds of Things About Yourself

Social work is one of those careers that touches you in a variety of ways. For most people, it isn’t just a job. Instead, it’s more of an emotional and spiritual journey that gives you a chance to really learn about yourself in the process.

Convinced It’s Something You Want to Pursue?

If you’ve decided this is a field you’d like to pursue, then it’s best to enroll in a masters in social work online. The online MSW programs through Rutgers Online allow you to continue with your current job while working to obtain your degree. You can complete the clinical MSW in three years, which means you’ll then be able to embark on an exciting new career path.

No Need to Settle in Your Current Career

With so many choices available nowadays, there is absolutely no need to stay in a career that you don’t enjoy and isn’t giving you the kind of rewards, appreciation, and challenges you want and deserve. Embarking on a career in social work could be the dream path for you.


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