Top Three Vacation Ideas for the Holiday Season

Going on vacation over the holiday season can be a stressful experience, even if you are the most zen-like of individuals. Long hours in the car, delays at the airport and even lost luggage can wreck your vacation plans before you have even starting relaxing. So why not explore different holiday options this festive season? In fact, you don’t even need to go abroad to have a relaxing and different kind of break with your family and loved ones. Here in the US, there are miles of national parks, cute small towns and sites of history that are just waiting for you to explore and enjoy – even when the weather gets colder. So don’t splash out on a package tour or cruise, when there’s hours of fun to be had much nearer to home.

There’s nothing more romantic than exploring the seaside or enjoying some retail therapy and the Christmas holiday lights in one of the country’s larger cities. Even if you are more of a sun chaser, don’t despair, head to California or one of the southern states to enjoy year-round sunshine and balmy temperatures. Nature buffs will be delighted by the wildlife and flora and fauna of some much loved national parks. While if you are traveling with kids, then there are hundreds of local attractions and sights of interest that the entire family will enjoy. Your winter vacation need not cost the earth either, why not check out these alternative vacation ideas to have a truly memorable, and unique time away this holiday season?

Small town getaways

Quaint boutiques, cozy restaurants and homely guest houses with local dishes for you to enjoy and try – does this tick all of your boxes? The US is riddled with hundreds of beautiful small towns that will be sure to delight and surprise even the most bored of teenagers. Vermont and Pennsylvania won’t disappoint with their stunning open spaces and seasonal changes of foliage, while dotted along Cape Cod in Massachusetts lay teeny towns and rustic fishing villages for you to explore and taste some fresh seafood.  Small towns are also ideal if you are travelling with children too – from local festivals and guest houses that are on a farm or provide you with the opportunity to try horse riding or get back to nature, there is something for kids of all ages. Not to mention, sports fans will be well catered for if you fancy going somewhere a bit more low-key. There are hundreds of golf courses along the coast of Maine, only a stone’s throw from the best of what Vermont has to offer. So be sure to pack those golfing shoes and read our Fairway Woods buying guides to be sure that you can tee off in style. Do be sure that you do your research when choosing the right type of accommodation for you and your family this festive season. Going rustic doesn’t mean going back to basics either – comfortable lodges, onsite spas and high-speed wifi connections are a given at guest houses across the US, so you are sure to find something that suits you, and more importantly, your budget.

Back to nature

If you fancy the idea of going back to nature and taking time on the long open road, then the US certainly won’t let you down. Why not choose to spend your holidays in a national park and really embrace the best of what the season has to offer? From long hikes and exploring trails to local farmers markets and regional history, staying in a national park won’t disappoint. California’s Yosemite National Park won’t disappoint, with its stunning scenery carved by glaciers millions of years ago. There’s nothing quite like a trip to the Grand Canyon either, with its 18-mile wide gorge and rugged scenery ready for you all to explore. Arches National Park in Utah is great for movie buffs, with its 2000 sandstone arches used in a whole host of movies, including the Indiana Jones series. While geysers, hot springs and buffalo await you if you head up to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, the first ever national park in the world.  So whether you are a keen climber or caver, or perhaps you and the family enjoy fishing or even kayaking, head to a national park this festive period and enjoy creating new memories with your loved ones. Just be sure to pack those sturdy walking boots and waterproofs if you are heading further north this winter season!

Wildcard ideas

Are you after something truly unique and special this festive season? Well, why not explore some other wildcard ideas that are scattered across the US? If you want to enjoy big bold shows and over the top holiday fun, then head to Las Vegas to wow your senses and inject some serious sparkle into your holiday plans. Beautiful beaches and temperate waters await you too, a short plane ride away in stunning Hawaii. With its volcanic scenery and spotless resorts, this is an ideal destination if you dream of spending Christmas by the pool. One for the kids and younger family members is Disney Land in Orlando, Florida, where Mickey, Minnie and a range of Disney’s best-loved characters will make your holiday truly magical. If you are on a slighter lower budget then don’t despair, why not look into visiting some of the US’s many sites of historical interest? From the laidback way of life in the Amish towns dotted across New England to the magic and mystery of Salem, you don’t need to travel too far this festive season to have a truly unique holiday season.

Choosing a vacation that differs from your usual festive routine is a great way to have a Christmas that you and your family will never forget. So even if you normally prefer jetting off overseas as soon as the temperatures drop, now is your time to explore other vacation ideas that will delight and surprise in equal measure.  Bookings made? Happy festive holidays!



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