Where to Go on Vacation – The Top Destinations in the World

Where to go on Vacation – The Top Destinations in the World


It is that time again when you and your family are trying to decide where to go on vacation this year. It is usually the point when everyone has a different idea of where they want to go. With the whole world to choose from, how can you begin to decide what place is the best? Depending on your preference and that of your family, you might want to lay in the sun and relax the whole holiday, or you might want an adventure and see things you haven’t witnessed before. With this list, you can choose from some of the best destinations in the world.


Chile may not be everyone’s first choice for a holiday. However, there are many things that this country has to offer the wise traveler. The country is 2,650-miles long, but never more than 150-miles wide. That means you can easily make a trip down the country and take in all the sights along the way. As well as having 36 national parks, it also has some of the most diverse environments you can imagine.

You will find the capital full of boutique hotels and some amazing restaurants that have won international acclaim. If you venture north to the Atacama Desert, you can enjoy hot air balloon flights over the salt lakes.


A visit to Canada is one that is filled with beautiful scenery and diverse wildlife. One sure fire place to visit is the Rocky Mountains. However, there are other great things to see and do, especially for the repeat visitor. There is part of British Columbia that contains desert and warm enclaves of vines and olives. On the west coast, you can see the fjords and islands which have some of North Americas most stunning seascapes.

At the top of all this splendor, is the Canadian Arctic. Thousands of miles of snow and ice that stretches as far as you can see. Now, getting anywhere in Canada needs a vehicle if you are going to get there in any decent time. While you are driving, why not take in some of the amazing scenery by choosing somewhere like the Icefields Parkway which goes through the Rockies or the Alaska Highway through the old goldfields of Klondike. If you don’t want to go by car, you can always enjoy a nice train ride on the Trans-Canada route.

The United States of America

The US has an abundance of the naturally beautiful country. However, some travelers don’t know that it is on their own doorstep. There is something for everyone whether you are looking to do some shopping in New York, or you want to have some fun in the sun in California. If you are traveling alone as in any country, you need to be sensible. Holiday romances are nice in the palm trees and the sun, although the latest STD reports here show that you need to consider everyone’s sexual health before taking the next step.

If you want to see more of the US, you can always make a road trip out of it and explore more states. Most of the national parks have great trekking routes, and you will also find some nice restaurants along the way. If you don’t want to drive, you can always take the reliable and frequent domestic flights that can transfer you anywhere in the US that you want to go.

You can’t do a tour of the United States without visiting New Orleans. The lively Mardi Gras parades and amazing French Creole cooking will entice the senses and get you into the party spirit. With so many wonderful places to eat and party, you will need to stay for at least a couple of days to do it justice. If you are lucky, you might time your visit to coincide with a jazz festival. That is when the celebrations start, and you will get to see New Orleans in all its splendor.

Chandigarh, India

The cities mix of traditional and modern is what many people come here to see. In the Fifties, the prime minister commissioned Le Corbusier to build a new city as Lahore was ceded to Pakistan. The result was a modern landscape made of concrete that was unlike anything that was seen in the country before. It now has classic status and is loved by its residents. A visit will show a truly inspiring place that has remained in good condition since it was built.

Granada, Spain

Granada is steeped in history and culture; you won’t be able to walk around without seeing examples of beautiful architecture such as tiled fountains, flowers and of course the Palace and gardens of Alhambra. If you love the natural beauty, then a walk along the Alpujarras on the southern slopes of the mountain will please even the hardiest of flower lovers. You can also take advantage of the skiing at the Sierra Nevada as it is only 29-miles away from Granada. In fact, there are some nice places that you can visit from here, such as Andalucía. It makes Granada the perfect place to base yourselves and see other parts of Spain that you might not have seen before.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a naturally beautiful country, which is why so many movies including the famous Lord of the Rings was shot there. The country lends itself to a hiking tour where you can see the countryside close at hand. Although, the thrill seekers can still have their fun with the Christchurch Adventure Park which has the largest downhill mountain bike park in the southern hemisphere. You also have the famous wine industry, which you can witness by staying at Marlborough Lodge in the center of the South Island’s premier wine region.

With so many inspiring places to visit around the world, you can be sure that you will find the perfect place for you. You might even find somewhere like Granada where you can go skiing or walk in the fields within just a short drive.



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