Rules for Growing Cannabis Indoors

To have a healthy plant, there are some basic elements that you must start with to ensure that you are starting your plant off with the best chance of success. Below, we have outlined just a few of those basics to make sure you are set up for the best way to grow cannabis indoors.


Having the right cannabis seeds is the most essential step to being able to successfully grow cannabis indoors. Typically, there are two types of seeds available. The two types of seeds are:

  • AutoFem
  • Traditional seeds

The type of seeds purchased will have a drastic effect on the way the plant must be cared for and how it will develop. Knowing what type of marijuana seeds you are purchasing will make all the difference. Lighting and potting regimes will change drastically depending on which type of seed is purchased for growth. Remember, that only the female variety of plant will create the desirable flowering bud.

You can browse collections of cannabis seeds with ease online. This will give you a better perspective on what’s available, and you can easily compare ranges and seed banks. Another bonus is that most retailers will distribute to almost anywhere, so whether you are looking at a cannabis seed UK supplier or an alternate region, your requirements will be met.


Just like any plant, it is important to pay attention to the type of soil that is being used to grow the cannabis. Typically, there are two schools of thought for the proper soil. On one side, using sterile soil, devoid of any fungus or bacteria is a great idea to start your plant off right. Having no fungus or bacteria is a great way to allow a new plant to thrive and grow, without having to battle any disease early on in life.

On the other hand, it can also be a good idea to allow your cannabis plant to have good bacteria and fungus around it. The good bacteria and fungus will populate throughout the pot and will outnumber any bad bacteria or fungus that could form and endanger the plant. Some good types of fungus include:

  • Bacillus
  • Subtillis
  • Mycorrhizae fungus
  • Trichoderma

Ultimately, the type of soil used when growing cannabis indoors is a preference and people have been successful with either sterile or non-sterile soil. Cannabis is a plant, just like any other, and will grow in any type of soil given the right conditions. It is important to be mindful when purchasing bagged potting soil from a store, as you always need to make sure you purchase soil that has been stored indoors. Sometimes when using soil that has been exposed to the weather, there will be very undesirable bacteria and fungus present. Purchase a soil that is finely sifted and does not contain a large quantity of bark or wood chips.


When growing cannabis indoors, it is important to ensure that the temperature stays fairly stable at around 25 degrees C.  If the temperature drops too low, or rises too high, you can endanger the growth of the plant. When maintaining temperature, it is also important to monitor the air flow surrounding the cannabis. Most typically, when growing cannabis indoors, it is grown in a tent.

Inside the tent, the air must be circulated, having the air filled with cannabis smell circulated out of the tent and passed through a carbon filter. This is a key component to being able to successfully grow the plant indoors. If you want to have healthy cannabis plants, they will need to have a steady supply of fresh air from the outdoors circulating through their growing area.


Obviously, with growing cannabis indoors, there is a lack of natural sunlight that must be replaced. There are two types of light bulbs that can be used. Typically, HPS lights are preferred because of their cheaper price and ability to put off large amounts of light. The lamps are usually found in 250, 400 and 600 watt varieties. The second type of lighting source that can be used are LED lights. These lights are ever evolving and recently have produced some amazing results with big, healthy plants. With the changing technology, the price of LED lights is also dropping making them a really good alternative to HPS lights with a great return on growth.

If you’re planning on growing your cannabis indoors, ensure you follow the above rules for successful growth.



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