BabyTime App Review

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My youngest brother and his wife welcomed their daughter into the world in July. I mean, I look over at my son Jake and it still boggles my mind that he’s a grown man. But the idea that my baby brother is a father genuinely causes my brain neurons to misfire. There are a bevy of new products and services available to parents these days including the iPhone app BabyTime. BabyTime allows parents to track pretty much everything about their newborn from breastfeeding and nursing to sleep schedule and medications. Anything concerning the daily activity of your baby can be recorded, tracked, and analyzed using BabyTime. That activity is then readily available via a customizable pie chart, interval, or line chart graph. Use the app to alert you when your baby is hungry or has a medical check up among others. Create diary entries to record your baby’s achievements and milestones.

Key activities you can record with BabyTime:

  • Breastfeeding: Time and duration of breastfeeding.
  • Sleep: Naps are listed as “day sleep” while night sleep is listed “night sleep”. Of course the times each start can be adjusted.
  • Diaper Change: Color, consistency, and content of your baby’s bowel movements can often indicate illness.
  • Hospital: Use this feature to record your baby’s appointments and check ups including why your baby is being seen, where, what time, and other pertinent information such as the attending doctor’s name. You can even track the doctor’s instructions and select from a pre-set list of medications.

Other activities you can record with BabyTime:

  • Formula
  • Baby Food
  • Pumped Milk
  • Pumping Milk

Some people might wonder why it’s necessary to keep track of all this information. Well, for one, it can help you get a sense of your baby’s patterns and rhythms. This helps you both find a baby routine that works best. It can also help you be on a lookout for illness. These records can easily be shown to doctors and nurses to help them evaluate your baby. And you can also see your baby’s growth and progress by reading the graphs.

A feature I think is highly beneficial is the ability to invite other caregivers to your baby’s profile. This is so neat! You can invite somebody through the app and they can view your baby’s information and add their own data. That way each parent can make updates, even Grandparents, or Aunts and Uncles. It’s also helpful to be able to provide information to a nanny, babysitter, or day care. That way everybody is on the same page with your baby’s information. Caregivers can see what time your baby generally eats and sleeps as well as a variety of other activities. And this feature allows parents to check in on their baby without being overbearing or contacting the caregiver in excess. Parents can visit the community feature to compare their baby’s growth with others.

Watch BabyTime in action:

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