A Jackpot in Every Candle

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I’ve long been a fan of prizes. Whether playing games such as bingo or scratch tickets, winning something, anything has always made my day. Combine that with a love of deliciously scented wax and you end up with Jackpot Candles. I have a love/hate relationship with all things scented. I love good smelling products, but I’m extremely sensitive to strong smells. Anywho, I was super excited to work with Jackpot Candles and see if 1. I can tolerate their level of scent and 2. what kind of prize I’d receive!

They have an extensive list of scents that sound amazing. With choices such as Vanilla Cupcake and Warm Apple Pie how could you go wrong? I ended up choosing Salted Caramel because I’m a fan of contrasting sweet and salty. Their candle is described as: A perfect fragrance to satisfy your love of salty sweetness. This candle provides an infusion of the flavored scents of tangy salt with sugary caramel; that will create an inviting atmosphere for your home. Can you say yummy?


Their candles are:

  • 100% Premium Natural Soy
  • Burns for 80 to 100 Hours
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Infused with Essential Oils

What stands out with Jackpot Candles is that you can choose the type of prize you receive whereas other prize candles you end up with whatever you get. After choosing your scent, you’re prompted to then select either a ring, earrings, or necklace. Of course when you pick the ring option – you also choose what size. I appreciate this option because who wants to get stuck with a prize that doesn’t fit? I chose ring and my size and went about waiting for it to arrive at my door.

The candle arrived quickly and was carefully bubble wrapped – which Harley snagged right away. He’s a strange dog with a bubble wrap addiction. He also thinks that every package simply must have something for him in it. He very generously offers to “assist” me in opening them which generally means shredding any of the packing material. I lit the candle right away and it quickly filled my nostrils with this dreamy, buttery caramel fragrance with a hint of salt. I could bathe in that smell. It’s warm and inviting!

I let it burn long enough for the prize to start peeking out from the wax. I fished it out with a pair of tweezers and rinsed the baggy off. It contained a cute silver ring with a centered, heard shaped gem and diamond-like accents. Around the ring was a tag that states the size as well as a reveal code with directions on how to appraise it. I went to the Jackpot Candles site and selected Appraise, I entered my code and my ring is worth $16! Score!


I have the candle sitting on my desk and even without being lit, I’ll occasionally get a whiff of rich caramel and it brings a smile to my face. Next I’d love to “win” a necklace.

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