InkJoy by Papermate – The Joy of Writing

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Writing – actual pen to paper writing – used to be something I did on a regular basis. Whether it was for school or hobby, it seemed I was always writing something. That has changed a lot with technology and these days the bulk of what I handwrite are to-do or shopping lists. My hands cramp from carpal tunnel when I write much more than that, plus there’s no need. I can send a text or message just as easily. That being said, I do still write those lists and when I do I expect my pens to work.

I’m sure you know how frustrating it is when a pen doesn’t work – I always give it a few tries, scribbling in a circle trying to get it to work again. Then I hunt for a new pen. I almost always end up empty, pens are never around with you need them! With InkJoy pens by Paper Mate, I don’t have to worry about pens giving out or the ink being goopy. I was sent a variety of InkJoy pens and my experience using them has been pleasant, without the need to toss the pen across the room. They write smoothly, evenly, and don’t drag over the paper. I love that they come in all different colors and styles as well.

InkJoy pens have been created with technology and art in mind. The ink in a rich palette of colors is a unique blend that contributes to the smoothness of the writing and the sleek and modern outside is just as dazzling. They write effortlessly! I haven’t done a ton of writing, mostly because my hands hurt when I do, but I do like that InkJoy pens fit gently in my hand.

I can’t say that having InkJoy pens around will make me write more, but when I do make my lists at least the writing will be enjoyable!

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