Bru & Crew – Meet Little Man

Little Man is 6 years old and definitely acts like he’s the boss. Jake and I had been out shopping and when we got back we saw a guy standing in our neighbor’s driveway staring at a tree. This was pretty strange so I walked over there to see what was up since I knew my neighbors were on vacation. A stray had given birth to kittens! There were only two of them and they were adorable. Now granted I didn’t watch them all day and night, but right away it seemed like their Mama cat had no interest in them, so I left food out for them.

Then weeks later Jake came in and said “Look what I caught!” There in his arms was this little bundle of orange. What was I supposed to do? Put him right back outside? Richard says yes that’s exactly what I should have done. What can I say? I’m a softy.



Orange ball o’ fur turned out to be everything kittens are. He was rambunctious and constantly harrassing Brutus and Roman. When trying to pick a name we actually considered Little Terrorist or Little T, but settled on Little Man. It isn’t my most creative of names, but it suits him.

Little Man, like Roman, isn’t interested much in cat toys or playing. He has the coolest – and most annoying – trill. It is by far the strangest sound I’ve ever heard a cat make. It’s LOUD. I tried looking on Youtube, but I couldn’t find anything that was close to it. It’s been awhile since he’s done it, but hopefully some day I can catch it on video.


Little Man loves me so much that he has been known to pee on me. He waits until I’m at my most vulnerable (in the bathroom or chilling in bed) and pees on me. It makes me mad, but thankfully it isn’t too often.

His most recent antic is to sit on my pillow, pull strands of hair out of my ponytail and proceed to chew on them. I thinking this is his way of saying “our food bowls require your attention”. Imagining Little Man as a person, he would be the ultimate little brother. You want to wring his little neck sometimes, but you love him all the same. Little Man is also called Littles.


This picture is so funny and totally Little Man. I kept hearing this howling, but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. I finally found him underneath the kitchen table, he had snagged a sausage patty and was guarding it with his life!



  1. My favorite thing about Little Man is that me most definitely is not afraid of the dogs! It was the funniest thing watching this little orange cat chase a pitbull around!

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