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It’s something all of us parents have to do. Send our children to school/daycare with a lunch and/or snack. But what happens when you’re already running late because your daughter is changing her outfit for the fifth time that morning, one son decided he had to poop at the last minute, and the other son just informed me he “accidentally” just downed all the grapes I had bagged up and ready to send with the kids for snack that day?

Of course I’m also referring to a day you need to go grocery shopping and it’s totally on your “To Do” list once you drop the kids off that morning.

“Do I send them with some squeeze cheese, or go to my secret stash and uncover the Snickers bars?”

Umm, no! This Mama wants her Snickers bars, and come on folks; it just looks bad when you send your child to school with squeeze cheese, right?

How cool would it be to have well proportioned and HEALTHY snacks readily available to just grab and go? Check out Apple Snackers | Crunch Pak

Crunch Pak

The ones we received were Sweet apples, cheese and sweet seedless grapes and Sweet apples, cheese and pretzels. Both are 4.75 oz. I know kids can be picky, but mine devoured these! The other cool part… Check out the packaging. What kid doesn’t think their snack tastes “extra” good when the packaging has Marvel Superheroes on it? Although the Marvel Superheroes packaged snacks are the ones we received, CRUNCH PAK also has Disney themed packaged snacks with carrots and ranch dip as another option. I really enjoyed these, so for the parents that don’t want to take a Superhero snacker with them to work; they totally have them available in “adult” packaging, but i’d totally rock a Superhero snacker with me like a boss!

Shelley Says:

Love these Snack Paks! Perfect amount to call it a snack; but know they are still getting full. You will learn that with me, I always give an extra shout out if a product is healthy and this one absolutely is.

So, since you must be itching by now to get a hold of these, click on the link above and find the store locator and stock up on these awesome snacks. Perfect for the hectic, pull your hair out mornings – AKA Monday-Friday.

Happy Snacking,


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  1. We love these! The kids love them, and I love the price 🙂
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  2. Those look really fun. My kids would love them.