Kat Kabin Review – Keep Your Cat Cozy

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It’s not hard to figure out that I’m a huge animal person. I have two dogs and six cats myself and while they all have a nice, warm place to call home that isn’t the case for all animals.

Iowa is just now finally getting warm on a consistent basis. It has been an especially cold and long winter. Of course, now that I’ve said that we had a couple nice days and a strong thunderstorm last night. Today is raining and it’s supposed to be cold again tomorrow.

I’ve seen a couple strays this past winter, but none that got too close. If I see a stray outside, especially a cat, I put food and water out. Cats also need somewhere to get away from the elements and Kat Kabin provides such a place. The Kat Kabin is a unique shape, almost tubelike with legs to keep it up off the ground. The outside is hard to protect from cold and rain or so. The inside is  soft and cushiony so any cat has a cozy place to rest. The oval shape helps to circulate air while protecting your cat or strays that need a place to rest. There are single or dual door options as well as optional removable, washable fleece and a waterproof pet warming pad.


Kat Kabins come in a variety of colors that either blend in or stand out. In my case, mine was sent in bright pink, it stands out! It has a front door flap that is detachable, but I almost wish it wasn’t. The door has been blown off and speaking of that, we had some pretty strong winds this year and a couple times I found the Kat Kabin in the back yard. No, that’s not where I had it either. It’s important to find a place that helps it stay secure. It has holes in the feet so you can fix it to any surface, but I didn’t do that. I would highly recommend following those steps.

I have to say that I never actually saw a cat in the Kat Kabin, but I saw little paw prints in the snow on my porch so I hope a furbaby was able to find a nice place to relax. I’m considering if I want to leave it out now that winter is over or bring it in and let my cats play in it. I know that I’ll be putting it back outside this winter if I do bring it in.

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  1. That’s really neat. What a great idea

  2. How adorable! I no longer have a cat (she didn’t get along with my dog at all, there had to give her to my brother in law), but I’ll definitely tell my brother in law about this. He would love it for the cat!
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