My Asia Girl Bit Me

Late afternoon last Saturday I was watching tv in bed. Richard was napping next to me and Jake was upstairs doing whatever it is Jake does. Anyway, my chocolate lab Asia was inbetween Richard and I in the middle of the bed.

Asia Tub 2 August 2012

Quick flashback to about five years ago, Asia was laying down and Richard’s nephew tried to pet her. She snapped at him. This was the first time she had shown any kind of aggression. She was always happy and fine with being petted at any time. After this happened, we just made a point of never touching her when she’s laying down. She makes what we call “the grr face” if you get too close to her and we know to back off. It’s only when she’s laying down. Any other time she’s perfectly fine being petted or touched, played with, etc.

Back to Saturday, I reached out my hand to pat her behind and she seemed ok with it so I started scratching and the next thing I know my hand was in her mouth and she was biting down repeatedly. I was yelling and trying to use my leg to push her off me. Richard jumped out of bed and that’s when she stopped and jumped off the bed too. My hand was dripping blood and stinging pretty bad, but I just sat there.

Jake came running downstairs with a bat. Ok, that part was pretty cute. He said he heard me screaming and the dogs barking so he ran downstairs to fend off attackers.

I had tears running down my face, at first because my hand was stinging, but then I couldn’t stop crying because of the situation. I felt and still feel heartbroken.

I feel scared around my eight year old chocolate lab and I hate it. Just thinking about it now is crushing me. She’s never been a super snuggly dog, but I could always call her to me and pet her, play fetch, etc. Until I got Po the kitten recently, Asia and I were the only females in the house. And now, I’m just nervous. I’m really hoping that this feeling goes away.

My hand is healing, she gouged it pretty bad. It’s pretty hard to hold things or make a fist because of where the bites are. I thought I’d spare you the pictures, they were gross. They’re on Facebook if you really want to see though, lol.

Any advice on what to do? I just want my baby girl back.



  1. if I may suggest take her to your vet, she may have a tumor (which is common in labs) where you petted her and it hurt her, not sure if anything else can be causing it but a good check up with your vet is called for

  2. Oh, MY! I am sending you LOTS of hugs. I know how it feels to be bitten by a dog you love. And I know how it feels to be scared of them.
    Have you had her since she was a pup? Have you been close to her since this happened? Is she acting ok? I agree a vet visit is in order to rule anything out, but please don’t get mad at me, but she lets you know that she doesn’t want to be touched while lying down and even though she ignore the first few minutes she snapped. Was she making the ‘grr face”?

    I’m so sorry. I’ll be checking in to see what the vet says.
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    • Yes, I’ve had her since she was eight weeks old. I told my husband I had always wanted a puppy as a Christmas present and he got me her. I should have known better than to touch her, she wasn’t completely lying down, but still it was my fault. She seemed ok, she wasn’t making her “grr face” and that’s why I thought it was alright for a split second. She’s acting like her normal self, barking at everything and playing with our other dog. I’m really cautious when she’s in our bed, I can’t bring myself to kick her off when that’s been her spot for eight years.

  3. Oh my gosh, Billie! I don’t even know what to say, I can’t believe that happened. It’s always such a shock when one of our bets bites. I am so sorry!
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  4. No advice, but I’m so sorry. I would be devastated if my dog bit me.
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  5. Dog bites are scary because they can be so unpredictable. I’m sorry you got hurt!

    I agree with Rose about having her checked over by the vet. Sometimes, an underlying issue can be the cause of outbursts like this.
    One Busy WAHM recently posted..New Year. New Me.

  6. Like other said, I would start with the vet. She may have an issue going on or at the very least need some training. I hope your hand heals soon!
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  7. Aww I’m so sorry. I’ve been bit seriously twice once in the eye and once on the check and not so bad countless times by the dogs, cats, and rabbits. It’s always weird afterwards for a couple of days/weeks but then we keep on going with our routine. Don’t show you’re afraid of her or she’ll pull away from you for good sadly.
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  8. You mentioned a new she feeling threatened?
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    • I don’t think so as she’s been around cats her whole life. I had two when we got her and have since added four more.

  9. that is so hard – I know, we have a jack Russell who “went through some things” as we say. when we had kids she got a aggressive – we had to send her on sabbatical with my parents for a few months until she calmed down. in the end she chilled out and although she’s still not a huge fan of the kids, she has accepted them and we all know her boundaries (around food, especially). the vet should have some advice; the thought that she’s in pain is a big possibility. I bet you can work through it!! good luck!
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  10. Oh my so terrible! I’m not sure what advice I could give you, maybe check into a dog whisperer or trainer, see if there is something else is going on.
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  11. awww, i am sorry she bit you! Hope it is healing well and you find out what’s up with her
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  12. Oh that’s terrible! I don’t have advice other than the vet as others mentioned. I’d be so sad 🙁
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  13. I’m so sorry this happened, I can only imagine how heart breaking it must be. I agree with many others about taking her to a vet to see if there is a physical underlying cause.
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  14. I don’t have a pet, but I would tend to agree with the others that the vet is a starting point.
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  15. Sorry to hear you got bit, hope your hands heals soon. I can imagine what happened, hopefully the vet can shed some light on it.

  16. Oh I am so sad for you. Having one of your fur babies turn on you and hurt you is awful. I am glad you are physically healing. The emotional will come too. Hopefully if she goes to the vet they can see if there is something causing this with her.
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  17. Uhoh! So sorry to hear that! Maybe she’s in pain?
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  18. After seeing our daughter attacked in a completely innocent situation…we take no chances. I am sorry, but I would not keep the dog. Do you realize if your dog were to hurt someone else they can/will sue and win? You are 100% responsible for ALL medical bills. Our daughters bills were over 30K and still ongoing 5 years later. Dogs are sweet and fun, but at the end of the day not worth the risk when they have shown aggression.
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  19. I hope the bite is doing better now!!!
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