Forced Vacation from the Internet

This was my last Saturday and Sunday off work for the forseeable future. I’m almost done with the transition phase of my new job and then I’ll have a schedule that changes each week. I had planned on getting a lot of blogging done yesterday. Ok I didn’t actually plan it, but I thought about it and assumed that’s what I would do.

I’m up and about right as Richard is leaving for work and I realize that there’s no internet connection or phone line. Of course, he blames the cats. Sometimes they like to knock stuff over. We reset the modem, but that didn’t help. Richard left for work, so I borrowed Jake’s cell phone to call Mediacom.

Of course, I got the dreaded “we’re experiencing an outage in your area, high level of calls, blah” and then they pretty much hang up on you. The recorded message didn’t even give you the chance to speak with a representative.

So what was I to do with a forced vacation from the internet? I could be productive and clean the house. If it was nicer out, I could have taken the dogs for a walk. I could have gotten caught up on some reading. Jake had a friend over so spending time with him was out.

Binge TV

What did you decide to do, Billie? Did you get a lot done? Well, sort of. I did a little DVR cleaning and watched nine episodes of Revenge!

I thought I would do a lot of complaining being without the internet, but it was pretty awesome just to hang out and watch tv. I do feel like I didn’t get anything accomplished, but I think it’s ok to have those days now and then.

I had a lot of trouble forcing myself to get onto the computer today to work on blog stuff. I kept having these little thoughts about the rest of the shows on the DVR that need to be watched and how a second day of watching tv would be ok.



  1. I’d like to say that I would be super productive and do something like organize the closets, but I would probably be on the couch watching TV. 🙂
    Angela recently posted..Samsung Galaxy Mega: The Biggest Smartphone Ever!

  2. I betcha if I had a day without internet and no one was home, I would sit and watch tv all day. It’s pretty much how I spend my free time anyways, so I imagine I’d catch up on some DVR.
    Robin (Masshole Mommy) recently posted..Meanwhile Over on Instagram

  3. I have too many days where I come up with an excuse to not blog. All it does is make my to do list longer… Sigh
    Becky Lyons Borgia recently posted..Homeschooling and/or Unschooling With Pinterest Series, Post Five

  4. Now that I finished watching Breaking Bad, I need a new show to look forward to in case I was forced to be without the computer. Maybe I should look into the show Revenge! I never heard of it but if it was worth a day of your time, there must be something to it.

  5. We had an outrage during the snowstorm and it lasted for 3 days. I actually ended up liking not being able to get on the Internet for a few days. The problem is that now I am not motivated to get back into it!
    Kathy recently posted..Achieving my Healthy Living Goals with Insync Natural Probiotic #NaturalProbiotic

  6. Oh no! A day without the internet?!! I would be raising hell and high water with my cable provider! My family depends heavily on connectivity – for homework, for research, for skype, for “take-home excel tasks” and of course for blogging. But in those days when the internet was more of a luxury than a necessity, I spent my free time sleeping.
    Eileen recently posted..Create a Mark – Join #Markerly!

  7. Good for you!! Sounds like you had an awesome day!! I am envious!!!
    Laurie – Steals and Deals for Kids recently posted..Dollie And Me {Matching Clothes For Girls And Their Dolls} On Sale At Zulily!!!! Prices Start At Only $9.99!

  8. I wish I could do without the internet for more than a day. I am constantly emailed by clients to fix things on their website so it’s difficult to be unplugged. I would probably just relax like you.
    Megan @ That Neat Blog recently posted..Gym 101: Learning the Basics of Gym Equipment

  9. You know what, those are my favorite days. The ones where I get to do a whole lot of nothing, turn my brain off and just veg out. I’m sure you’re busy and productive all of the time, sometimes a break is required!
    Rita Von recently posted..Argyle nail art and nail art brush kits.

  10. This is my ideal kind of day! I go to netflix and have my tv shows marathon 🙂 Right now, I’m in the third season of Breaking Bad! I did see Revenge on netflix though so I’m most likely going to start watching that soon as well 🙂
    Maurene Camil Cabrera recently posted..Romantic Valentines Day Make-Up

  11. We try to take an evening each week to focus on just enjoying being around each other, rather than staring at a screen. We really enjoy it.
    jeanae recently posted..Way Back Wednesday

  12. I feel your pain, I took some time off blogging myself towards the end of the year and it was hard getting back in the swing of things. Glad to have you back though.
    Kira recently posted..High Fashion Meets Tech at CES 2014

  13. I like that kind of housekeeping! We watch a lot of shows with our teenage daughter, but she has such a wacky work schedule that a lot of times weeks of episodes go by before we get a chance to watch them. Then we go into binge mode too!
    Tammy recently posted..Game Time and DiGiorno Pizza

  14. I usually stress at first but then I just thank my lucky stars and enjoy some time away from the computer!
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell recently posted..Hershey’s Spreads Make Salty (and Sweet) More Delicious!

  15. With or without internet those days off are so important for your sanity. I am glad that you took the time to relax and enjoy yourself.
    Coralie recently posted..We are going to Disneyland!

  16. I believe that sometimes you do need a break from it all! Some saturdays I like to shut off everything and just read or do little things and just shut off all the media! Thanks for sharing!
    Cara recently posted..I’m Nuts About You Printable

  17. Hi, I am like you, if I have internet problems, I just do something like reading or watching TV. I admit having a break is good. I try, when writing my blog post, to do the research and copy the bits I want to quote to a Word document, and then come off my browser to do just writing. Does it work? Not all the time 🙂
    Liliana Marsden recently posted..Food Variety is the Key to Health

  18. I have sometimes no internet days. Because the connection disapears or I have to go somewhere from work with no internet connection. Usually I get pretty desperate after a while. Especially if I’m not even at home. Internet is such a addiction, lol
    Joanna Sormunen recently posted..Home remedy for the flue

  19. katherine says:

    When I’m not on the computer, I end up sitting at the tv!

  20. A day without internet, I’d take a nap and read. That sounds good to me. 🙂

  21. That used to happen to us all of the time – it was terrible. Some days, I got a lot done. Other days, I sat around and did nothing. But, I was always happy when the Internet/Cable started working again.

    What has happened to me – I am old enough that I remember when cable first came out … and you still had to get up and walk to the TV to change channels (no remotes). Now, I can’t handle a day without it.

    Maybe that is a sign that I need to unplug for a day… on purpose!
    Dianna @ Oy Vey a Day recently posted..Valentine’s Craft: “XO” Wreath (Door Decoration) for Under $10

  22. I have a hard time focusing… Especially when I don’t have a deadline to meet. Then I just wander around the house looking at things that need done and saying… I will get to that, but it seems I never do.
    Terry recently posted..Where To Stay When You Have A Loved One In The Cleveland Clinic ~ Downtown Cleveland Comfort Inn

  23. A forced vacation is definitely not a bad thing – what a great chance to recharge!
    Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom recently posted..Top 10 Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

  24. My goodness, I love Revenge, too! I look forward to watching it every Sunday.
    HilLesha recently posted..Discover the Latest Trends in Fashion and Beauty at Wantable

  25. It seems it is always the days I plan to get lots of blogging done that I lose my Internet. It’s a great excuse to walk away from the computer though!
    Sarah @Must Have Mom recently posted..Fashion Friday: Trendy Fashions For Cheap!

  26. The occasions I had a forced vacation from the Internet, I so enjoyed it. I love my tech/gadgets, and social media, and usually have to be forced in some way to take a break from it… but it really is nice to have that occasional break.
    Donna recently posted..Green Cleaning, Save Money, and Peace of Mind with Great Value Naturals from Walmart #spon #WMTGreen

  27. I would do the same exact thing. It’s such a rare treat that being “forced” to do it would be amazing lol
    Michelle recently posted..Caldo Verde Recipe (Portuguese Kale Soup)

  28. It sounds like you ended up having a really nice day. I try to force myself of the internet and read and bake then. I find the internet can suck me in and then I get nothing accomplished if I don’t.
    Jennifer @ My Sweet Sanity recently posted..Get Motivated with Best Buy and Yurbuds

  29. I have a long list of DVR’d goodies to catch up on, so I’d probably watch as much as I could and do some baking with a day off from the internet.
    Mandi recently posted..Freebie Alert: Snag a Free Issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine

  30. I’m jealous, I could totally use a day or two disconnected.
    Ashley – Embracing Beauty recently posted..Ring in the New Year with Health Essentials #Moms4JNJConsumer

  31. That dreaded feeling! This happened to us a few weeks ago, but we got it up and running within a few hours. I don’t mind not being connected so much if it were not for having work to do. We all need a break every week away from internet. It leaves us feeling so disconnected.
    Digna D. recently posted..#GimmeShelter In Theaters January 24th #Movie Ticket Giveaway

  32. For me it would be cleaning up the house!
    Marina recently posted..How to make inexpensive Valentine’s Day Cards

  33. When we have had our power knocked out due to storms I always enjoyed the forced no electronics… unless they were charged. But still no internet. It was always peaceful. Just wish it would happen more when it was warm out and not cold haha.
    Alison recently posted..Making an offer on our dream house – My Home Buying Moment!

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