The Worst Job I’ve Ever Had

I’ve worked from home for about a year and a half. Last November, I started training with a new company to take tech calls. Yesterday was the big day, the day our training class would take our very first call! Luckily we took them one at a time and had people there to support us. I was incredibly nervous to the point of sweaty palms. I’ve had more jobs than I can quickly count and none had ever made me this nervous.

I made it through my first call, though I do have to admit it was incredibly easy compared to the difficult calls we’re to expect. I think most of the people in my group were pretty nervous too, but we all made it.

I was talking to Dani today about how it went and we got on the subject of awful jobs. I’m sure there are truly horrible jobs out there and when I think about it mine wasn’t THAT bad, but it’s definitely the worst job I’ve ever had.

Bad Jobs

I got hired at a place called RainSoft as a survey taker, they do water conditioning systems and filtering, things like that. I was given a whole 15 inutes or so of training and then I was on my own. I had a little section of a table, with dividers between each employee, to myself. There on my “desk” was an office phone and some paper scripts. I was given a stack of cards which were actually sweepstakes entries. You know at the mall or (insert typical place here) where someone is giving away a car or washer/dryer set? Well, RainSoft had set one up and these were the cards people had filled out to win the prize.

Little did these people know they’re information was about to be used. I would have to call the people and ask them to take a brief survey. The survey consisted of questions such as being homeowners and using major credit cards. I was basically determining if the person owned their own home and made enough to afford a water system. The awful part is if they didn’t “pass” the questions, their entry was just tossed in the garbage!

Just as bad, if they did “pass” then their card was given to the next level, appointment setter (which I was “promoted” to, without me asking or even wanting to be). The appointment setter would then call the person that completed the survey to try and set up a time a RainSoft employee could give them a demonstration. We really had to be pushy with it and had to get a certain amount of yesses each week.

I was fired shortly after being moved to appointment setter. I felt very dishonest the entire time I worked there. I wasn’t happy to be out of a job, but I was happy to be out of this particular job.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?



  1. Ugh – I have never had a job that awful. I would hate to make calls like that. The worst jobs I have were bad because of the politics of the company where I worked. I really don’t “play politics” well at all!
    Dianna @ Oy Vey a Day recently posted..Apple iPod 2 GB Shuffle Giveaway (Ends 01/29/14)

  2. I wouldn’t feel bad one bit about being fired from a job like that!
    Katie recently posted..Smucker’s peanut butter supports the NPCA #MC

  3. I had a survey job in the past and I hated that job with a passion. It was only job I’ve ever been happy to quit.
    Kelly @ A Girl Worth Saving recently posted..Vegan Butter

  4. Most of my jobs outside of the home have been customer service oriented, so it wasn’t so much the job itself but the people I worked with. Like I once got fired because they said I didn’t smile enough ha! My one and only time getting fired from a job.
    Crystal recently posted..Game Time with DiGiorno #GameTimeGoodies #shop

  5. I had a survey job too. It stunk. But I think my worse job was being a shooter girl. Guys are nasty when they’re drunk. I always stunk of alcohol and smoke. And I hated the little bar because they would make you buy the shots first out of your pocket and you had to bust tail to make a profit. Add in when you drop or spill a shot you just know the money’s coming from your pocket not the company’s.
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  6. Definitely doesn’t sound like the job for you.
    Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom recently posted..3 Tips for Teaching the Reluctant Learner

  7. oh dear… thats a terrible job. I’m glad you aren’t doing it any longer!
    Singapore Mum Blog recently posted..When Does Bedwetting Stop?

  8. My worst job? A telemarketer. It was awful and I never would have worked there or continued if we hadn’t really needed the money to eat. As soon as my husband got called back to work, I was able to quit. I was so relieved.
    Tonya {The Traveling Praters} recently posted..Road Trip from California: The End

  9. My worst job was Wendy’s, mostly due to the fact that I worked with my sister. Never work with family is all I can say! ~lol~
    HilLesha recently posted..DIY Recipe for Thai Herbal Poultice

  10. Oh gosh – I had an ex-boyfriend (half a lifetime ago) that worked that same position for RainSoft. I think he lasted less than 2 days. He said it was horrible. My worst job was similar – phone surveys for random companies from a call center. No info collected, but they were done with a phone number generating software so I got yelled at a LOT because these people didn’t sign up for anything – not even a call. I lasted a week.
    Kenda recently posted..20 Smoothie Recipes to Jump Start Your New Year

  11. Commission sales job…. I am no good at pressuring people to buy something. I feel so guilty. What if they can’t afford it or something else? I am so not a salesperson.
    Jennifer @ My Sweet Sanity recently posted..Gorton’s Real Fabulous Review & Giveaway

  12. Hmmm, the worst job I’ve ever had was at Delta Dental (long story lol).
    Ty @ Mama of 3 Munchkins recently posted..Become a Dining Daredevil in 2014! We DARE You!

  13. Hey I had a Rainsoft person call me! I was pleasant but hung up after the second rebuttal on their part (you can’t argue with a kid yelling behind the scenes 🙂 ). That is a horrible job, I’ve always felt bad about hanging up on telemarketers…they are just doing their job and getting a really thick skin.
    My worst job was only bad for a period of time – once the terrible person left it has been really nice ever since – for the whole team. 🙂

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