Cabeau Evolution Pillow Review

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We aren’t travelers. I think we would be given the right circumstances and money, but generally we stick to our area in Iowa. You might think to yourself but Billie, why on Earth would you review a pillow marketed towards travelers? Good question! The answer is because like most products on the market, there are always several different ways to use an item.

The reason I chose to review the Cabeau Evolution Pillow is because Richard was due to have surgery, septoplasty to be exact. The doctor told him that he would need to prop himself up for a few days after surgery. My MIL gave him like five pillows to use, but I knew he would probably still slide down and be uncomfortable. The Cabeau Evolution Pillow would be perfect to rest a7round his neck and help keep him upright.

I was sent two pillows, one blue and one grey. They are super comfortable! The outside is like the feel of crushed velvet (actually made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester). The inside of the pillow is made of 100% polyurethane memory foam which means you just sort of melt into the pillow.

CabeauThe pillow has a couple cool features as well. Features on a pillow? I know! The first being a pocket that you can slip your phone or iPod into, talk about the ultimate in hands free. The second fun feature is that it rolls up into a small travel bag. I haven’t tried that yet, but there are instructions that seem easy enough.

Cabeau Woman

Richard looked so funny when he got out of surgery. He only let me take one picture (it’s on the other post). He was propped up on so many pillows with the Cabeau pillow behind his neck. It really helped keep his neck and head supported, which was a big thing the doctor mentioned. Of course, Harley snuggled in next to him.

Since recovering, he hasn’t used the pillows as much because he prefers to be flat on the bed rather than in a big pile. I’ve used the pillows often though. I spend a lot of my time sitting in a computer chair and often my lower back will ache. I tried putting one of the Cabeau Evolution pillows between my lower back and the chair and it really provides a great amount of support.

Just in using the pillows briefly in bed and often in my chair, I know these would make excellent travel pillows whether you’re in a car or on a plane, train, or boat! They also offer other items to make your travel enjoyable.

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  1. I have a similarly shaped pillow which I bring along for travel so I can see why this one here is quite comfortable. I love my u-shaped pillow!
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  2. We have some of these u-shaped pillows. However, the ones I have are not as “high” as this one, and I usually find that my head still tilts really far to the side – which leaves me with neck pain. This one looks like it comes up much higher on the neck, so I wonder if it would work better for me…
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  3. this is such a cool pillow although I’m not too sure how I like that your phone or iPod can 100% be seen like that.
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  4. Oh that looks so comfy!!!! I want to get one for when I travel next. Would come in super handy with those long flights I sometimes take!
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  5. I need one of these, like; yesterday!!!

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