Celebrate Your Passions With Sheba

Hey, guess what? This is a review. I was sent samples of the products below. I received no monetary compensation. All opinions expressed are solely my own based upon my experience with the product. 

I’m passionate about animals. Puppies and kittens especially make me all gooey inside. I currently have three cats Brutus (11), Roman (9), and Little Man (5).

I’m also fostering the stray cat that just gave birth to four gorgeous kittens. I tried my best to stay out of their business and just let the Mama cat take care of them, but they kept getting so close to the street and actually crawled inside my neighbor’s car tire. I brought them in and once they get big/old enough to be fully weaned, I’ll find homes for them. Richard isn’t super excited, but he’s tolerating it because he knows that’s just how I am. 

Pate May 2013


I was recently given the opportunity to treat my crazy cats with Sheba products including premium pate cat food (fancy, right?) and premium cuts cat food. My cats can definitely tell when I open a can of something, whether it’s for them or not is irrelevant. They come lurking about to see if I’ve got a treat and this time they happened to be right. I spread out some of each kind of Sheba food and I kid you not, they were licking their whiskers after devouring every morsel.


I also received a fun feather toy wand. Of course, playing with the cats is a little difficult with two large dogs jumping about. I put the dogs up every now and then so the cats can play without being chased. Brutus loved the toy wand and chased it around. Little Man played a little, but got bored easily. Roman just sort of looked at me like I was off my rocker thinking he might chase after a mere toy.

Eva Longoria helped launch the Sheba Feed Your Passion Contest. Share a picture of your cat(s) and tell Sheba how you would celebrate your ultimate passion. Sheba recognizes that cat lovers have many passions, one being their cat. Three lucky entries will have their passions fed in a big way. Good luck!

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  1. My MIL uses Sheba — I find it Ironic since that is her Cat’s name — My Bella would probably love the products as well =)
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