Do You Qmee?

I like money. If there’s a legitimate way to make extra scratch, I’m all over it. I’ve done everything from pay to read email programs to surveys and everything in between. To me, it’s a lot like recycling cans. Sure, one can may only be .05, but every little bit adds up. I remember in high school there was this cute older couple that picked up soda cans from the school lot. Over the years, they earned enough money to buy a new truck and take vacations.

So what is Qmee and how does it fit in my master plan to fatten up my wallet? Qmee is a FREE app that rewards you for doing something you already do. Searching! I don’t know about you, but I search all day long. I love that I’m able to look for information as often as I’d like. I look everything up from song lyrics, to recipes, to jokes. I search for restaurants that deliver and customer service contacts. As my friend Heidi would say, Google it!

It was extremely easy to sign up for Qmee, you can use your email or you can sign in with your Facebook (like I did) or Twitter account. I use Google Chrome as my browser and when I signed up, Qmee added an extension to my tool bar.

Ok, brace yourself…here comes the hard part. Search using Google, Bing, or Yahoo.  Qmee will bring up the most relevant results on the left hand side. I wanted to point out, that Qmee doesn’t appear every single search. They only pop up when they have relevant results. For instance, I searched “How to Make Money Online”. Qmee brought up a link  to a website with numerous ways to make money online. Next to the link it read .09. That means should I choose to click the link, I get paid nine cents. That’s almost two soda cans, lol!

Photo Courtesy of Qmee

Photo Courtesy of Qmee

So it’s not hard in the least bit to use Qmee. Searches can add a little jingle to my Qmee piggy bank that can be withdrawn to my Paypal account within minutes. But, Billie…there’s probably a minimum withdrawal amount and it will take a million years to hit the threshold, right? Wrong. There’s no minimum cash out. Have fifty cents in your piggy bank? Cash it out. Or let it build if you have the willpower…and patience…which I do not.

Qmee = Search, click, bank. And for the charitable sort, you can donate your Qmee earnings to a charity. You can even nominate a charity to be featured on Qmee via their Facebook page.

Qmee is still in their Beta phase, but because you guys are awesome (and Qmee rocks, too!) they’ve given me 20 invites!

Come and join me on @qmee. Extra results with cash rewards appear when you search online, giving you something back. Let me know if you sign up and start making some money!




  1. I’ve never heard of it, but I definitely want to go check it out now.
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