Reliable Internet Service is Important

Lately I realize how much I wish I had dedicated ethernet services, it would provide more bandwidth and definitely a more secure connection. Gone are the days that I used the internet purely for fun.

I remember when I was 17 and I would go to my Dad’s house on the weekends. Mom didn’t have a computer, but Dad did and it was always a lot of fun playing on it. Of course, we had AOL and I had to wait as it would dial up a connection. I didn’t mind the wait because I wasn’t spoiled the way I am now. I would check emails and surf around on the web. It was a few years later that I was introduced to MUDs, think text-based World of Warcraft. *gasp* A game without pictures? Yes! And they were awesome.

I continued playing MUDs and using the internet for fun for many years.  I developed a love of “sweeping” and yes, I’ve won some cool prizes. I’m still chasing that elusive Hall of Fame win though. I played EverQuest and World of Warcraft.  But still, the internet was just for fun. So if my internet service went out, I found other things to do.

Starting in 2007, that changed. That’s when I got my first online job. I started out as a ChaCha guide. If you’re not familiar with what that is, it’s basically a guided search engine where a live person offers you the best results based on what you’re looking for. The pay was low, but I got so excited when I would hear a ding and it was my turn to help somebody.

Right around that time, I started scouring websites for other online ways to make legitimate money. I worked with several different texting companies, moderating SMS messages and communications. I did that for several years and while it was fun, it was a job and required reliable internet service.

I currently work full time at home as a customer service representative as well as maintaining Rowell Reviews, so it is imperative that I’m able to count on my internet always be working.

If my internet is down for whatever reason, I can’t shrug my shoulders, roll my eyes, and go watch tv like I could when I was a teenager. I have to make calls, set appointments for technicians, and get it resolved ASAP.

While I do love working from home and I love blogging, I have no love for internet service provider. Trust me, that’s a whole other post in itself.


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