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I have strange hair. I’m sure every woman says that, but I do. I have both curly hair and straight hair. The top layer of my hair is stick straight, the middle wavy, and the bottom layer is curly.

I remember I was maybe 11 or 12 and my Mom thought it would be a good idea to perm my hair. I sat through that awful smell and was pretty excited to see the results. When she took the rollers out, my hair came off too. My hair was kinky curly to my ears and then stick straight down my shoulders. I had to cut it off and I was heartbroken. You know, as any pre-teen would be.

I recently teamed up with BeautyStopOnline to do a few reviews and one of the items I picked to try was Rusk Anti-Curl + Kerashine. I’ve always wanted to see what my hair would be like if it were actually straight.

Photo Courtesy: BeautyStopOnline

Photo Courtesy: BeautyStopOnline

From what I read, the Anti-Curl helps harden the texture of your hair, making it straighter. It also conditions to improve the strength of hair and keep away the frizzies. I never dealt with much frizz when I was younger, but here in the last five years or so my hair is unruly and frizzy. Talk about annoying!

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to try the product yet. I’ve been dealing with some nose issues that cause migraines and nausea so I’ve been staying far away from anything with a strong smell. Bleach sets me off for hours, it’s no fun. I’m trying to figure out if it is allergies or just sensitivities to certain scents or chemicals.

Anyway, Richard gave the product to his sister because she was interested in it. She’s extremely busy and often quite hard to get ahold of, but once I hear back on her experiences I’ll be sure to share.


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