Reebok InShape Watch Review – “Dani Says”

I was super excited when I learned I would be getting the Reebok InShape Watch for review. It keeps track of steps, calories burned, distance and more. While I was anxiously waiting for it to arrive in the mail, I had my birthday and got completely spoiled. I got the Nike band and shoes that go with it. I’ll be posting a review of the Nike band shortly.

So what was I to do with both? I had the fabulous idea of letting my sister Dani try the Reebok InShape watch. I hounded her for a few weeks to get the review done. Hey, she has a busy life! But she’s had time to review it and here are her thoughts.

Hey there! Dani here. My sister neglected to mention the fact that I was sick when I received the watch therefore unable to exercise or conduct a proper review. So there. (insert sticking tongue out face here) Anyway, when I first opened the package it came in, I was outside and accidentally dropped it on the cement. Initially, I thought: “Crap! I broke it already!”  I then picked it up and realized that it was not broken and not even scratched, not even a little bit. I like that about this watch, because I’m somewhat (very) clumsy. Another thing I like about this watch is that it was very simple to program. The directions were very clear and it didn’t take a lot of grunting and frowning to get it set up.

The first time I got to use the watch, I decided to wear it while walking to the store. Granted, the store is only a block away from my house, but it was exercise none the less. Here are some things a like about the watch:

  • The watch I got is white, so it really goes with anything.
  • It also lights up! So you can use it at night as well.
  • It also tells you the date, day, and time, so it can be worn anytime. Not just for exercising.

Some things I didn’t like about the watch are:

  • This may be just a me thing, but it seemed a bit uncomfortable on my wrist…I think it’s just because I never have anything on my wrists. I  rarely wear jewelry at all so it just felt weird having a watch on.
  • I also question the accuracy of it, because after walking to and from the store, the watch said that my distance was .47…now as I previously mentioned, I only live a block away from the store. I did walk around in the store but not for very long, so I doubt I walked almost half a mile altogether.

Billie here again. I hope to include Dani in reviews more often and I hope you enjoy her point of view.

Connect with Reebok on their website.

Disclosure: I received free product for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are mine (or my family’s), 100% honest, based upon experience with the product.



  1. Lol, I had to laugh when your sister called you out for not saying that she was sick! Lovely honest review. I never wear jewelry or watches so I probably wouldn’t get this to use as a pedometer too.

  2. I don’t like wearing anything either. Great review!
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  3. Great review. I use a fitbit (no need to wear it on my wrist) I don’t wear anything either.
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  4. It looks like an interesting concept. I wonder how it can accurately track step while on your wrist. You would think it would mark all movements of that arms as steps, which sounds kind of like it happened. Great review!
    Julia recently posted..Email Me Maybe?

  5. Sounds like it’s pretty tough to take a fall on the cement and just keep going like nothing happened.
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  6. I need something like this! This would help me in my next race!
    mel recently Organizing the clutter in my inbox #Cbias

  7. This would be a great motivator for me. I’m the type of person who needs to see my results to stay up and going. This is perfect!
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  8. I so need to really look into something like this. I just keep watching the scale climb I need motivation
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