NeaterFeeder Review – Your Pets Less Messy

My three cats are very spoiled and entitled and don’t hesitate to make me aware of their presence. Brutus used to sit on top of the fridge and dip his paws in his water. Whenever I walked by, he would shake his paws at me. He seemed to find this especially amusing.

I had their food and water on a dresser in the bathroom, but when we had the water pipe damage, the dresser was ruined.  We replaced it with an antique stand and basin, but there was no room to put their food and water. I decided to move it to the basement on top of an old fashioned stove that was left there by previous owners. I just had two simple dishes and inevitably they would make a complete mess on the stove. Their water would be splashed everywhere and their food in bits here and there.

I recently had the opportunity to review the NeaterFeeder Mess Proof pet feeder. They actually make one designed for cats, but because I have three, I opted to get the small NeaterFeeder because it has deeper stainless steel bowls.  There are two bowls nestled within the feeder. It shields splashes and has a rim around it that catches any dropped pieces of food.  It was easy to snap together, all you do is pop the stand pieces onto the bottom. It doesn’t slide all around once you put it where you want it to be, which is extremely important because my animals love to knock things around and especially off things.   My cats still make a mess, but it’s contained within the Neater Feeder.

I think I might get two more of these for the dogs because we are constantly kicking or walking into their water bowls and spilling them all over the floor. We feed them in separate rooms, but their water dishes are together in the kitchen. I would use the large Neater Feeder and fill both sides with water.  I think the stainless steel would help keep the water colder in the hot weather too.

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Disclosure: I received product samples for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are mine or those of my family, 100% honest, and based upon our experience with the product.



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