Wordless Wednesday 5/16/12 – Litter

I realize this is supposed to be wordless, but I don’t think I’ve been wordless a day in my life. I live on a corner lot, my neighborhood isn’t the greatest. It’s not IN the ghetto, but much farther in most directions and you’re in some iffy places. I’m constantly cleaning up crap from my yard. It floors me that in 2012 people still litter. It was drilled into me never to litter, even the smallest of things. The other day I saw a little kid throw a bottle in my neighbor’s yard and I told him to pick it up. He just waved me off and kept walking.


But then I see these in my yard and while I’m still angry about litter and having to clean up other people’s junk from my yard, pretty things like these make me feel a little better.



  1. That would really make me upset too! It’s too bad people can’t pick up after themselves! And don’t feel bad- I’m never wordless either lol
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  2. Maryann at Matthew's Puzzle says:

    I hate litter too. I also can’t stand when people throw cigarettes out the car window. It isn’t your ashtray!
    Maryann at Matthew’s Puzzle recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – My Mother’s Day Gift

  3. I hate when people do that, too! Too many lazy people these days. 🙂
    HilLesha recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Turtle Kisses

  4. We have neighbors that walk daily as part of their retired life. About once a week, the husband carries a grocery store bag and picks up trash as he walks. I want to be that person when I get to retirement!

  5. IT makes me angry how lazy people are sometimes, really like you can’t find a garbage can?? Your flower did make it seem better though 🙂
    Avry recently posted..When life hands you lemons create a party

  6. I don’t get why people think liter is ok! It makes me crazy. My daughter and I have been talking a lot about littering recently (she is 4) and she said very loudly the other day, “That man just littered.” She was right, and I hope he heard her!
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  7. it makes me so sad. I am also working on that with my 3 year old – and even she knows better!
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  8. Awwww….I’m sorry. I hate when people do that!
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  9. Carolyn g says:

    Oh I hate when people willy-nilly litter!

  10. I don’t understand how people feel so entitled that rules don’t apply to them and it’s ok to litter or break someone else’s belongings… I could go on and on
    pretty flowers
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    • Yes, exactly! What makes a person so arrogant to think they can do whatever they want? I just don’t understand.

  11. I love pretty things too! I am sorry about all the liter.
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  12. I hate it too! We always try to pick it up when we see it!
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  13. We used to live one block over from a high school and we had junk in our yard all the time. I’m so sorry to hear you called one out on it and they didn’t have the decency to pick it up. When we were on the subway, I even saw a young dad pull out a juice box and throw the cover on the straw under the seat as if it would just disappear like dust. It’s so sad that people even take the little things for granted 🙁
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  14. litter stinks! It is too bad that people don’t have time to care about our world!
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  15. That “grinds my gears” as they say…I noticed a lot of litter today and the hubs had to tell me he was tired of hearing me complaining.
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  16. I can’t believe he just waved you off and kept walking. What the heck. But the flower is just lovely.
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  17. I have never understood littering. I can’t believe people don’t teach their kids that littering is not acceptable!
    Katy recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – How Does Your Garden Grow?

  18. That’s just awful!!! I saw Evan throw a piece of trash down the other day and freaked out! I don’t think he’ll be doing that again….
    Dee recently posted..SwimWays – National Learn To Swim Day

  19. Doesn’t that just make you sick 🙁
    Kasandria Reasoner recently posted..If You are on Empire Avenue I want to Invest in YOU

  20. Litter is a pet peeve of mine too, especially gum!
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  21. I used to hate that too! It drove me crazy!
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  22. Ugh i would have been mad too!
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  23. We get garbage on our yard too, but it’s from the wind blowing it from people’s recycle bins. I would be angry if people were just throwing their junk on my yard!
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  24. Rude! We get that and people letting their animals poop in our yard.
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  25. I hate when people litter or do other things that make our neighborhood messy. Don’t they know that its their area they are dirtying up as well. They should know better than that!

    Stopping by from the Weekend hop!
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  26. I get so angry when I see trash on the ground! I also pick it up – my kids do too – we all have to do something, I feel like. Thank you for caring about your neighborhood enough to clean up stuff that doesn’t belong to you.
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