Spring Fever Sponsor Sneak Peak: Lady Fortunes Giant Fortune Cookies

Ok folks a pretty big giveaway event is coming up. Spring Fever runs April 15-21. It’s a blog hop so you can enter my giveaway and then make your way through the list for your chance to win a ton of prizes. Each blog has a giveaway worth at least $50. My giveaway package is several prizes, totaling almost $300!

Sponsor: Lady Fortunes – Giant Fortune Cookies

I love fortune cookies, they are a special treat after my sweet and sour chicken and I love reading th


e fortunes. When I found out there are GIANT fortune cookies, I was intrigued. And when I found out that they are dipped in chocolate or caramel and then decorated with candy of your choice I was super excited. And when I found out I could customize my fortune? Ah, this is the best fortune cookie ever. It was pretty hard to choose which type I wanted, there are tons of flavor combinations. I finally chose a giant fortune cookie dippe


d in chocolate and covered in milk chocolate sprinkles. They weren’t your typical sprinkles that are hard, but they were delicious and soft. I chose the fortune to say “Happy Anniversary Richard April 30, 2008. I had intended to give it to him, but it was staring at me and I cracked it open to give it a taste. Dani and I proceeded to eat half of it, Jake got to try a little, and I don’t think Richard got any. I gave him the fortune though. The service at Lady Fortunes is friendly and fast. I had my cookie within three days of ordering.

Lady Fortunes has graciously offered to sponsor a prize in the Spring Fever giveaway event. You can win your choice of a giant fortune cookie (good luck picking one, it’s hard!) and you can choose what you want the fortune to say.

Visit Lady Fortunes at their website, Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

SECRET SPONSOR WORD: COOKIE (use this word to gain an extra entry)



  1. Danielle says:

    mmm These are sooooooooooo GOOD! My mouth is watering just remembering how yummy they were!

  2. Tracy Awalt Juliano says:

    These look and sound delicious. What a fun party idea.

  3. These look amazing and my kids would love them!
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  4. Wow! This would be such a fun way to propose to someone, or announce that you’re pregnant, or congratulate someone for graduating… I’m impressed that they make it through the mail intact, too. The small ones I get at restaurants are always broken!

  5. I haven;t had one in forever!