Vivint Reviews, Is Your House Secure?

My neighborhood is not the greatest. There are some less than desirable places a few blocks in each direction, but it’s not completely horrible right here. My dogs are more than vocal when people even walk down the street let alone get close to the house. Their barks get exceptionally deep when people are in the yard.

That said, I’ve been thinking a lot about getting some sort of security system. Thankfully I’ve never had my house broken into, but it’s always smart to be cautious.

I came across the Vivint home security site and Vivint reviews.  Vivint offers several different package types with varying price ranges depending on what type of service you’re looking for. They offer home security, energy management, and home automation. The home security package comes with door and window sensors and other features.  Energy management includes a smart thermostat, lamp/appliance control, and the home security system. Home automation comes with a video camera, an automatic door lock and all the features of home security and energy management.

You can easily compare each package on the Vivint website as well as watch a video demo.  The website also shows availability of certified technicians and offers tips on how to save money on things such as insurance and energy bills.