The Colony, Do You Have Skills for the Apocalypse?

Richard and I have been watching The Colony on Discovery Channel. There have been two seasons so far and it was a really interesting show. The premise is that there has been an apocalypse and people signed up to act as a cross section of the survivors. The first season had engineers, nurses, doctors, and contractors. We thought that it wasn’t an accurate representation of our neighborhood. The second season seemed to be a wider variety of professions like a model, teacher, inventer, and marine sniper.

The survivors were given limited supplies and had to rely on the skills they had to produce more.  In the first season, they set up electricity by daisy chaining batteries and hooking them to an alternator. They set up a shower and made security a priority. The second season worked on a windmill and had a canal and bayou near by. They were able to fish and hunt for snakes, but they were lax on their security. Both seasons took great care to set up emergency food storage and medical supplies.

The first season lasted for 10 weeks and they were put through a battery of simulations including marauders trying to steal their food. The second season dealt with a simulated viral outbreak and had to quarantine people that might have come into contact. Both seasons had to deal with members either missing or being kidnapped, to see how they would deal with loss.

I hope there are more seasons of this show, it was interesting and very thought provoking. Do you have skills for the apocalypse? I think mine are limited and I should work on learning something beneficial. I also think it would be a good plan to start a small survival kit including fresh water and food. No need to go over the top, but there’s nothing wrong with being prepared.



  1. This does sound like an interesting show, I will have to watch and see if it airs again, I’d like to see it. I’m not sure if I have very apocalypse-worthy skills… maybe I could crochet everyone sweaters to keep warm with 🙂
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  2. My husband is currently watching season 1 of The Colony and he LOVES it!! I’ve actually started an emergency food supply for my family. It’s still small, but growing weekly!
    Marcie W. recently posted..Spring Fever Has Begun!

  3. My only real skill is social media, so I guess I do not. LOL

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  4. That does sound interesting though I’m not sure what my skill would be sadly ha!

  5. I watched the first season and then forgot about it…it was pretty interesting though!
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  6. I have never seen this show, sounds interesting. I’ll TiVo it! I always wonder if we should have some sort of special supplies, including a rifle in the house, just in case. I also wonder what I would do if something happened and I was home alone with my youngest. Would I be able to get to school to get the other two. Then what?
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  7. How come I’ve never heard of it? It sounds like something I would really like!
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  8. This sounds like a show that I would watch. Very cool!

  9. Sounds like a great show and right up my alley. THank you for letting me know about it.
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