Do You Remember Your First Dance?

I have a specific memory that has always been close to me. I have no idea if it was the first dance I went to, it might have been., but it is the dance I remember most. I moved from Georgia to a small town in Iowa when I was 10. Even though my family had deep roots in the small town, I was never really accepted like a native. I had friends, but it was different than the tight-knit cliques.

Sometime in junior high, I forget which grade it was, we were invited to attend a dance with the high schoolers. It was held at the school which housed kindergarten through fifth grade and then ninth grade through twelfth. We were all in the gym with the junior high kids sitting on the bleachers on one side and the older kids on the other. They started playing music, but everybody sat there for awhile. I don’t remember exactly what was said, but one of the chaperones basically said that each high school student should ask somebody from junior high to dance.

One of the high school guys I thought was especially dreamy made his way over and while I secretly wanted him to ask me to dance, I thought there was no chance. When he got there and held his hand out to me, I about cried. I was a little embarrassed, but excited because we were the first to start dancing. I have no idea what song we danced to and when it was over I hurried back to the bleachers. I honestly don’t remember much of the rest of the night, but it’s something I smile about when I look back.

Do you remember your first dance?



  1. Not sure if I remember my first dance, but I remember my 8th grade dance, which was the most important to me. I went with a boy named Mark. After the dance we grew apart but in Senior year of high school started dating again and went to Prom together, then got engaged. Crazy right.

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    • That’s cool! I met my husband when I was 14 and he was 16. We dated for awhile and then ran into each other many years later. We’ve been together for eight years.

  2. My first kiss was at a Middle School Dance. I will never forget. I thought I was TOTALLY in love with this guy, and when his father took a job somewhere else and he had to move, I was CRUSHED. I have looked and looked for him now as an adult, and can not find him. I’d love to know what ever happened to him.
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  3. Aww so sweet! I remember my 6th grade dance. I wore a white dress. I went with my first “boyfriend” Danny and he danced all stiff like Frankenstein. I still get a little fluttery when I run into Danny.
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  4. Mine was in 7th grade and I went with my first boyfriend. Wow that seems soooo long ago now lol
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  5. 8th grade, with friends. No worries, just fun!
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  6. I’ve been to dances quite a few times that friends of mine have hosted! It’s always been fun, but I have never got asked to dance though by a guy my age though. :/ My parents think it’s because I intimidate the guys with my Hermione Granger personality. lol I’m just trying to remember that dancing with my little brother’s and their friends is JUST as fun. Someday…..

    Your first dance sounds very sweet though.
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  7. Junior high in the cafeteria maybe? They had tham sometimes and had a dj and raised money for what I don’t remember? But it was fun to go with friends.
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