Gripstic Review, Keep Those Foods Fresh!

I hate it when I go to grab a snack, reach into the bag and what do I get? Stale. Yuck! Soft, soggy chips are just icky. I’ve tried just about everything to keep chip bags closed. I’ve tried the fold over method, the rubber band, even a hair tie. I’ve tried numerous chip clips, but those break easily and only hold the middle. The sides can still be open and that’s no good.

The Gripstic is a new solution to an old problem. The Gripstic is a reusable, one-piece device that easily slides onto your favorite chips, frozen veggies, coffee, cereal and more. It seals in the freshness so you know the next time you want that food, it will taste like it did the first day.

The Gripstic is easy to use and comes in assorted sizes so you can choose the best fit for whatever bag you’re trying to close.  Using the Gripstic is a simple three step process.

1. Fold and crease the open end of the bag. Place the yellow guide under the fold.

2. Slide the Gripstic across the top surface, making sure the bag feeds between the yellow guide and outer sleeve.

3. Center the Gripstic on the bag to ensure a tight seal.

Ok, so even though there are three steps, it’s actually pretty self-explanatory. Once you do it the first time, it’s easy to repeat the process on any bag you’re trying to close. Jake used the Gripstic to close his favorite snack, Flaming Hot Cheetos. Cheetos are hard to keep fresh, but this worked well. Gripstic would be perfect for any bagged salad. I always buy bagged salad and end up throwing some away because it browns and wilts before I have time to eat it all. This would help me keep it fresh much longer.

Gripstic is light enough to carry with you in a purse or bag if you needed to close leftovers at a family gathering or work function. Plus, it just sounds cool, Gripstic.

You can connect with Gripstic at their website.


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