RevAbs Week #3

Whew, this week was rough for my eating. We went grocery shopping and while I made some good choices, I also bought some junk. Unfortunately, I just wanted to eat all the junk. I did manage to work out every day though, some days was a bit of a push, but I got that dvd in and hoped Brett could motivate me to get some sweat in.

I also purchased a heart rate monitor. I looked high and low for information regarding how many calories I was burning while doing the RevAbs dvds with no luck. I wanted an accurate number and did some research on heart rate monitors. I ended up purchasing a Timex. You can read my heart rate monitor review here.

I also was naughty and had fast food this week, it was the first time since starting RevAbs. My husband picked me up a couple double cheeseburgers. They were delicious! But they made me feel like crap for eating them. I wanted to hug him and punch him at the same time.

As far as RevAbs, here was my week:

Monday:  Total Strength (45 mins.) and Mercy Abs (15 mins.) My sister was over so she sat there and watched me exercise. I did get a good sweat on Total Strength. I did that one, ate dinner, waited a while, then did Mercy Abs.

Tuesday: Fire Up Your Abs (40 mins.) The plank still has me shaking shortly in it, but I find that if I focus on breathing I can hold form longer. The cobra could be the cause of my shoulder pain and I have no idea if I’m pushing up high enough.

Wednesday: Power Intervals (30 mins.) This has some ab work, but there is a lot of cardio as well. I sweat a lot during this one. I’m still incapable of doing a squat thrust. Maybe someday.

Thursday: Total Strength (45 mins.) and Mercy Abs (15 mins.) Good sweat, had to push to do it, waited until late.

Friday: Fire Up Your Abs (40 mins.) Oh man, it was hard to workout yesterday. I ate such crap and my stomach was bothering me that it was a fight to be able to workout. I gave less than 100% on this one and feel awful about it.


Overall, there were some days I feel I did great and other days I could have put far more effort into the workout. The portion control and making healthier choices is still my biggest downfall.

My weight fluctuated 3-5 pounds last week. I hope to see a loss for the next weigh in.


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